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Questions to Ask While Choosing an Expert Real Estate Company


When you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one, choosing the right real estate company is essential. There are many companies, and it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you.

Here is a list of questions to ask while choosing an expert real estate company. Keep these questions in mind when interviewing different companies, and you will be sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

1) What Is Your Experience?

The first question you should ask any potential Century 21 Whitby Realtors is their experience. How long have they been in business? What kind of experience do their agents have? The more experience a company has, the better they will be able to help you through the process of buying or selling a home.

You can check their experience level by:

-Looking at their website

-Asking for references from past clients

-Checking online reviews

Make sure you are comfortable with the company’s experience level you choose. They will be helping you through one of the most significant decisions of your life, so you want to make sure you are confident in their abilities.

2) What Are Your Fees?

Fees can vary significantly from company to company. Make sure you know all the fees associated with working with a particular company, and ask them why their fees are what they are.

Fees can also vary depending on the services you need. For example, some companies may charge a flat fee for their services, while others may charge an hourly rate.

The total estimate will include:

-The real estate agent’s commission

-Any other fees associated with the sale, such as marketing, advertising, legal, and administrative fees

Be sure to get a breakdown of all the fees to know precisely what you are paying for.

3) What Are Your References?

Ask Century 21 Whitby Realtors for a list of past clients and contact them to get feedback. You can check reviews, such as Yelp or Google+, to see what others have said about the company.

It is a great way to understand its reputation and treat its clients.

If you don’t have any friends or family who have recently bought or sold a home, reach out to your social media networks for referrals.

4) What Are Your Straps and Credentials?

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is the national association for real estate professionals in Canada.

All members of CREA must abide by a strict code of ethics and meet high professional standards.

You can check to see if your real estate company is a member of CREA by searching the directory on their website.

Also, ask the company for a list of its team’s credentials. Each team member should hold an up-to-date real estate license and be in good standing with CREA.

The company should also have a broker or managing broker on staff. These are the professionals responsible for supervising all agents and ensuring they follow the rules set out by CREA.

5) What Kind Of Proposed Agreement Do You Offer?

The type of agreement you sign with a real estate company will determine the level of service you receive.

For example, if you sign a buyer’s representation agreement, the company will be obligated to act in your best interests and help you find the right home.

The company will market your home and represent you during negotiations if you sign a listing agreement.

Ensure to read any contract thoroughly and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

6) What Kind of Properties Do You Specialize In?

It’s essential to work with a company specializing in the type of property you’re interested in.

Some common types are:

  • Retirement homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Income properties
  • Luxury homes
  • First-time buyers’ homes

Ensure the company you choose has more experience in the market you’re targeting.

7) What Additional Services Do You Offer?

Many real estate companies offer a range of additional services, such as:

  • Home staging
  • Property management
  • Mortgage services
  • Title insurance
  • Home inspection 
  • A Guaranteed Real Estate Services repurchases your home if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Be sure to ask about the company’s list of services.


When choosing a real estate company, it is essential to ask the right questions. By doing so, you can be assured that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy company.


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