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Questions to Ask Long Distance Movers Before Hiring them


One of the most time-consuming components of hiring a moving company is getting many quotations from different firms and figuring out what questions to ask. In most cases, each will require a house visit during which they will assess your possessions and provide you with an estimate for the service. But keep in mind that this is also your time to assess the mover.

Ask a lot of inquiries to any Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers that you are considering before signing any agreements or paying any fees to avoid scamming or unreliable business. Speaking with a customer service agent over a call, questioning an in-home estimate, checking consumer feedback, or browsing a business’s web pages are all good ways to gather answers.

Is your license up to date?

Ensure you inquire if the white glove long-distance movers in Florida are licensed by the state to avoid running into scammers and illegal movers. The US Department of Transportation (DoT) should provide a license to all qualified interstate moving businesses.

Local moving businesses that solely move customers inside the same state, on the other side, are governed by the state, not the federal government. As a result, local movers must be licensed by the state. It’s crucial to remember that each state will have its own set of rules and procedures for relocation.

How can you figure out how much it will cost to relocate?

You must ask each Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers how they compute their pricing model to establish your relocation expenses. Some movers charge by the tonnage carried onto the moving truck and the distance traveled, while others bill by the time and the number of people on their crew, and still others offer a mix of the two.

Knowing how each professional moving cost might help you prepare when it comes to organizing your belongings.

What is a Cost Estimate?

Inquire about the white glove long-distance movers in Florida about their rates, since most will include a price per weight as well as a range rate. Be wary of any firm that gives you a quote based on square yards. If you’re going lengthy distances, a business quote must be linked to weight.

Some firms may bill on an hourly fee for small distances. The hourly charge and the weight rate would not change, but the estimate may be based on the kind of service provided by the carrier.

Please remember that the transport company should present you with a written quotation and a duplicate. The estimation should contain all prices, and it should be signed by both the customer and the operator to be considered a contract. The quote should also include a payment option and be verified.

Are there any hidden costs with the company?

The majority of moving firms use hidden surcharges to raise rates on moving day. When they appear on your final invoice, these costs are hidden behind piles of legalese in your agreement, misled, or not revealed.

It’s also doubtful that a customer support employee will give you a straightforward response. If a corporation hides its fees, its employees likely do the same.

How long has your company been in operation?

While newer organizations might still provide excellent service, you should seek businesses that have been in operation for a lot longer. This demonstrates their expertise and dependability.

User reviews for a moving business are similar to recommendations. This data from a third-party platform like google reviews or yelp will give you an indication of the level of service you may expect.

Are you prepared to put all of your promises in writing?

This recommendation will be gladly accepted by a supposed and genuine mover packer. In any event, if someone isn’t putting up with it, it’s a sign that he’s got something hidden, and you should be prepared. Never believe what they claim; by the end of the day, paperwork will speak louder than any wordy promise. So get everything started, from the rates to the rest.

Is workers’ compensation and public liability insurance covered for employees?

That might not seem like a big deal, but if the white glove long-distance movers do not have any comprehensive protection or employees’ insurance, you might be responsible for any accidents or mishaps on your premises.

How long will it take to get there?

Because you won’t be traveling in the moving van with professionals, don’t neglect to inquire about how much time the shift will last and when your goods will reach. The last issue you need is a misunderstanding about timings, which causes you to arrive many days ahead of your possessions. Because inter-state migrations are time-consuming, plan your trip around that of your white glove long-distance movers.


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