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Protection of Tribal Rights And Resources By Monte Sanford


Man and culture are inseparable and often considered the two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without another. Cultural innovation was the most remarkable incident that led man to adapt to the new environment. In fact, culture maintains balance with nature and natural as well as supernatural forces through their feelings, attitudes, and manners in significant forms, which they give to material objects.

In simple terms, cultural heritage refers to a package of cultural assets that man has manifested and maintained in the forms of norms, values, cultural tradition, knowledge, beliefs, and several activities that often provide meaning to human life. It is easy to preserve a temple or a palace but to preserve the real meaning of the temple, we also need to preserve the festivals, processions, music, dance, and other rituals associated with it, and that’s what tribal communities do.

Tribals have carried forward a legacy of distinct and rich cultural traits for many decades. Tribal communities display a fascinating profile of ethnic diversity. They speak different languages, belong to different racial stocks, and show noticeable variations in their heritage. The variation in their habitat’s physical and biological environment is also equally amazing.

Why do Tribal Rights and Resources need protection?

The heritage and culture that the tribal communities possess, including the traditional knowledge system, contains many productive elements invaluable for humanity. However, despite their significant role in society, the tribal community faces severe threats for its existence.

Each human society has developed its own ways of survival to satisfy human needs by interacting with specific environmental resources throughout the centuries. These relations provide human communities with a sense of continuity with their previous generations as well as safeguard the cultural diversity and creativity of humanity for coming generations.

But as the new constructions are taking place in the name of modernization, both the culture and resources of tribal communities are in danger. Researches say that construction activities consume half of the natural resources. Therefore, almost every country has a number of rules and regulations to reduce its negative impact on the tribal communities. Many government and non-government organizations also work with Monte Sanford to Protect Tribal Rights and Resources.

Role of Monte Sanford in Protecting Tribal Rights and Resources

The successful Protection of Tribal Rights and Resources requires balancing the pressure of development and resources of our environment tribal rely on. It is a critical challenge with the increasing pressure of population, climate change, urbanization, and the need for sustainable development solutions.

Monte Stanford is a passionate environmental and Protect Sacred Places Consultant working for Protecting Tribal Rights and Resources. He works collaboratively with both private and public sector clients to guide reliable and effective land management decisions to deliver practical and safe project solutions.

His primary focus is on the early identification and management of project risks that may arise in the future. In a nutshell, he safeguards your construction project from future costs as well as ensures no tribal community or wildlife suffer from the commencement of your construction.

Governments across the globe are continuously developing environmental regulations and policies that need to be implemented by industries, businesses, and even households. Consulting with a Protect Sacred Places Consultant is especially crucial to preserve the cultural heritage of the locals. The culture of a place plays a significant role in making the society and giving knowledge to the coming generations.

Final thoughts

Hence the current need is to protect the rich and fast-losing cultural heritage of the tribal communities by making people aware and motivated towards it. Therefore, the need for Protect Tribal Rights and Resources and Protect Sacred Places Consultant arises to highlight the salient features of its values. Consultants like Monte Sanford can play a vital role in the documentation of tribal values in the form of documentaries, which could become an invaluable tool for future generations to learn about its culture and customs.

Through their documentation and presentation of culture, the consultants will help expose and promote the tribal identity and uniqueness to the outside world and also work towards preserving it at all costs. If you need help, Monte Sanford is eager to assist you and provide reliable management strategies. Give us a call today!


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