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Property Management in Bakersfield California

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Deciding whether or not to use a property management company can be difficult for anyone investing in real estate. Some real estate investors would never invest in real estate without using a property management company, while others are so concerned with being self-sufficient they don’t give property management companies a second thought. If you are a real estate investor in Bakersfield and are trying to decide whether or not to use a property management company, you may be overwhelmed with the abundance of information and options out there. To put it simply, property management companies work as a third party to maintain a residence’s value and tend to the occupants. Property managers are typically hired by rental property owners to manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of their real estate assets and deal with any questions, concerns, or other issues the tenants or renters may have. If the property is not currently occupied, property managers see that tenants are brought in. As the name suggests, property management takes care of every aspect of a rental home or property, including marketing vacant space, signing leases, collecting rent, calling for repairs, and more. Real estate investors who own more than one rental property, do not live in proximity to properties owned, or do not wish to actively manage your property can all benefit from hiring in a property management company. Benefits from hiring a property management company can include mitigating liability, having quality tenants brought in, having shorter vacancies, lowering maintenance costs, and receiving better reviews. Anyone with real estate investments in Bakersfield, California should consider hiring a property management company such as Real Property Management or Stockdale Property Management.

Real Property Management

Real Property Management of Bakersfield California “strives to provide the best Bakersfield property management services with trusted professionals and tools that you can rely on.”, according to their website. They manage a variety of properties both big and small and provide smart solutions to real estate investors that no longer wish to manage their property assets on their own. They offer a wide range of unique services that allow clients to sit back, relax, and know that the tough work will be taken care of. Real Property Management Bakersfield has set the goal to protect the investments of their clients and maximize client income, without interfering with client’s personal lives. They provide trustworthy, professional property management services including tenant screening, leasing, maintenance, evictions, and more. Real Property Management Bakersfield boasts both experience and expertise, backed by systems and processes that have been in use for 25 years. Thousands of investors and owners across the country trust Real Property Management to manage their properties. The company has received recognition for their dedication and quality services provided to the Bakersfield area and all across the United States.

Stockdale Property Management

 Established over 11 years ago, Stockdale Property Management has helped investors and tenants build a seamless, coherent relationship. They aim to “work closely with owners to build an individualized plan of action for each property that will best enhance their interest – as well as serving the tenants with professionalism and respect.”, according to their website. Stockdale Property Management manages over 300 single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums in the Bakersfield area, and takes pride in their services. They aim to provide owners and tenants alike top notch, quality service. They have years of experience in property management that benefits clients by producing professionalism, fantastic work ethic, and a strong sense of community. Stockdale Property Management Bakersfield aims to obtain the maximum return on client investment while still providing quality service to tenants. With a fully staffed property management team, they offer a friendly, accommodating, atmosphere to target your needs and tailor their services for you. They promise to maintain the quality of your assets and bring in quality tenants while keeping vacancies short. They have been praised for their personal take on property management in the Bakersfield area and promise high quality property management services including tenant screening, marketing, maintenance, rent collection, evictions, repairs, and more. Stockdale Property Management provides quality, tailored property management services to investors and owners and is sure to wow you with their extraordinary performance.


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