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Printed Sweatshirt in Maine


A sweatshirt is one common outfit you’d see on most people, just as the t-shirt. Regardless of what you’re wearing it for, either to build your brand or just for fun, there’s always a good reason to own a printed sweatshirt online in Maine. However, it’s possible to own various sweatshirts in your closet and still have room for more.

However, getting a quality printed sweatshirt is essential. And so, if you live in Maine and are a lover of t-shirts and sweatshirts but would prefer to have it customized, then you are right on track. Stay tuned as I walk through the printing sector in a nutshell and show you where and how to get the best printed t-shirt online in Maine.

How to Get a Print on Your Sweatshirt

T-shirts and sweatshirts are regular outfits you’d find in any fashion store. Sometimes, the t-shirts sold at these stores may not have the designs you need. But it’s possible to have a plain t-shirt and get your design printed on it.

So if you live in Maine and would like to have a print on a t-shirt, here is a step-by-step guide to getting that.

  1. Have your design

Frankly, there are a thousand and one graphics designs you could put on your t-shirts or sweatshirts. So the first step to having a printed sweatshirt is having a design in mind. Know what you want to have printed in your sweatshirts.

2. Have a budget

Generally, printing a single t-shirt or sweatshirt can cost about $15 – $30, while printing in bulk should cost less. Probably about $5-$10. So it’s best to have a budget when you want to print a shirt.

Whether you’re printing it for a team or on a personal note, you should know the number of shirts you need and how much you’re willing to spare for it.

3. Pick a Printing method.

Several painting methods are available in the printing sector, and they all work differently for different fabrics. However, before you pick a printing method to use, know the kind of fabric you have and how many shirts you’re printing.

This will help you pick a printing method that’ll work best for you and your shirts. Some of the printing methods available are:

  • Direct to the garment printing method
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Dye – sublimation
  • Screen printing

These printing methods are good, but they do not all work well for the same fabric. For instance, the dye-sublimation method works well on light fabrics, while the screen printing method is good enough on thick fabric. So your fabric can be a factor when printing.

4.Choose a Printer

This is such an essential factor. Frankly, you could get everything right, but with an inexperienced printer, your sweatshirt or t-shirt may not turn out nice. So if you want a perfect job done, you should give your job to a printing company with experience and expertise.

Thankfully, if you live in Maine or its neighboring towns, and you want a quality printing job done, then Graphic Explosion is your best bet. At graphic explosion, we give you quality printing for your shirts.

Additionally, if you’re not sure what printing method to use for your t-shirts or sweatshirts, you could come around with your fabrics, and we’ll assist you by telling you what we think is best for your fabric. Know that the outcome of your fabric depends a great deal on the expertise of your printer.

Where to Get Printed Sweatshirt Online

Because printed sweatshirt online in Maine and t-shirts are common outfits that can be gotten in almost all fashion stores, there are chances of getting a poor quality printed shirt.

Although, as earlier said, the one place where you can get quality printed sweatshirt online in Maine is from Graphic Explosion. With us, rest assured that you’ll be getting your money’s worth when you place an order for a t-shirt.


Sweatshirts are beautiful, especially when they’re customized. It can be an easy way to express your style and so if you can afford to get authentic printed t-shirts or sweatshirts, then that’s good. You could always place a call through to us and have your shirt printed to suit your taste.


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