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Premium Frozen Seafood: It’s Better Than You Think


When it comes to seafood, sometimes nothing is better than frozen. That is because the quality of frozen seafood is pretty high, and it enables seafood lovers to source the wild seafood year-round at a reasonable price. Freezing guarantees not only year-round availability but also ensures stable pricing of seafood for both the fisherman and the food service operator. It makes every fish count.

Sustainability is another excellent reason that makes frozen seafood is a perfect choice. Being sustainable means eliminating waste. Do you know that tons of fish deteriorate beyond the point of use because it takes time to get the seafood to the local supermarket? Now imagine that every fish caught makes it to the table in the same pristine state in which it was pulled from the water.

This is what frozen seafood is all about. The fish is frozen as quickly as on the boat, locking away all its freshness and nutrients. Sustainability is especially a more significant issue for restaurants as food wastage is never an option. That is why most owners prefer Buy Frozen Seafood for Restaurants in Toronto.

Some other excellent reasons why people prefer Premium Frozen Seafood in Toronto are:

  • Freezing is a natural process that does not require any preservative to keep the fish fresh.
  • Freezing seafood results in the year-round availability of premium quality seafood at a reasonable price.
  • It allows you to use as much or as little you want, and wastage is decreased.
  • Thanks to the freezing technology, you can enjoy any fish in any season and satisfy your taste buds.
  • Premium Frozen Seafood offers improved nutritional benefits because fish is protected from the environmental factors that deteriorate the freshness and quality.
  • Frozen seafood offers extended shelf life, which is why many restaurants Buy Frozen Seafood in Bulk in Toronto.
  • Seafood is sourced in its most sustainable and natural environment and then frozen in the shortest possible time, ensuring maximum freshness and ultimately the highest quality for consumers.
  • Fish and seafood are recommended as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Freezing allows the year-round availability of seafood and makes it easy to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Frozen food is an excellent choice for restaurants not located near the coasts or other large bodies of water, as freezing allows seafood to remain fresh for a long time.
  • Freezing stops all microbiological activity that causes food poisoning and also spoilage. Moreover, frozen fish and seafood undergo a high level of microbial checks.

The benefits don’t end there. Buying Premium Frozen Seafood is often more cost-efficient than sourcing the equivalent fresh product. And the long shelf-life also reduces the likelihood of throwing food away. With the estimation at a household level, frozen food results in around 40% less waste than non-frozen food.

Buying Frozen Seafood in Bulk can bring savings to commercial kitchens, too, as chefs can take only what they need from the freezer. With the format also offering them the consistency of quality and portion sizing, and price stability, it’s clear that frozen seafood has helped many restaurants thrive in the modern economy.

The idea of freezing seafood was first implemented to enable the seafood to retain its freshness for a longer time than usual. However, it must be frozen properly, and for this, you can rely on online wholesale seafood providers such as Inter-Canada-Fisheries.

Rapid freezing technology has greatly improved over the last ten to twenty years. It allows seafood to be frozen within a few minutes, reducing the amount of formation of ice crystal and preserving the “just caught” or “just picked” quality of the fish.

Final thoughts

Fresh seafood is excellent but has a very short shelf life. Preserving seafood at extremely low temperatures prevents bacterial growth and extends shelf life. In countries where food waste is such a big issue, storing food safely for a long time and consuming it at the time most convenient to you is a huge advantage. If you are planning a long trip, frozen seafood is the best to carry with you.


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