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Pre-Purchase House Inspection – Buyer’s Guide


Buying a home is a bit like planning your wedding day. There are months filled with excitement, stress, planning, and then finally, the big day. Inspecting your home before buying is a critical activity that must be carried out carefully.

The word home inspection can be scary for any home buyer because they are worried about the money it will take. There are various things to think about when it comes to home inspection in Windsor, Connecticut, including Foundation inspections, Structural inspections, Specialty inspections, Wood quality inspections, and more.

Things to look out for when buying a home

  • Roof condition¬†

Before you enter a private house, check what is happening above. Is the roof relatively new? If the roof looks reliable and outwardly attractive, most likely there is nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes a new roof indicates the homeowner’s low insurance coverage. Likewise, a roof made of extra strong material serves better against wind and precipitation.

  • Don’t judge a room by color

When you find yourself inside a candidate home, focus on what you see around – walls, floors, ceilings. Assess the condition of wires, lamps, sockets. If the house is old enough, the paint on the walls may be stratified.

  • Pay attention to the heating

Checking a home before buying is tricky. Therefore, you need to hire a home inspection company in Windsor, Connecticut. When looking around a home, keep in mind that it is a lousy candidate to buy if it looks wobbly or old. Heating and cooling systems in private homes are often quite expensive. It will take a large enough financial investment to fix or replace them. Inefficient heating and air conditioning systems can have an extremely negative impact on your utility bills. Make sure that the heating stove in the private house is in good condition.

Decide if you need this particular house beyond basics like quality windows and countertops, give an overall rating for the home you are looking at. Does it suit your lifestyle? For example, does it have room to store a large collection of books? Is there a large backyard barbecue? You can have any other requirements as well. If you are planning children, then see if there is an additional bedroom or a nursery in the house? You may want to have a home with a large entertainment area.

  • Plumbing

When you walk around a new kitchen, do not limit yourself to just looking at eye level – look under the sink, look at pipes and other elements of water communications, especially hidden ones. Check for leaks, damage, and mold. Checking your home before buying is significant.

Not only is mold unsightly and unpleasant, but it can also cause health problems. Do you have any subsidy for buying a house from the state? Use all means wisely. For example, if the plumbing is in a terrible state, then the seller is simply obliged to knock off the price. Negotiate concessions on site – this will save you a lot of time down the road.

  • Smells

Do you smell sewage, gas, or anything equally unpleasant near the house you are examining? Sewerage systems in older homes can sometimes become clogged or damaged by tree roots. Fortunately, some sewerage and plumbing companies can easily solve a blockage issue with a special camera that goes straight into the pipe and makes it easy to detect the blockage. It is also worth paying attention to the smells of pets, cigarettes, and mold.

  • Call home inspection in South Windsor, CT

You can check the house to the ground with your own five senses. But before making the final decision, you must be one hundred percent confident in the house. The foundation must be solid, and the wiring must be secure. All technical issues must be checked by special inspectors found in the relevant public or private structures. Home inspection companies in South Windsor, CT, even checks for lead paint and wood pests. Pre-purchase house check begins at the planning stage of buying a new home.


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