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PLB & Satellite Messenger- What should you choose?


Communication is key whether you are seeking wilderness adventuring or something else. Most of us escape to the wild and adventurous, but we also need routine contact with the outside world for a reason. The market is filled with various satellite messengers, Personal Locator Beacon and other communication technologies. Here we come to guide you through the choice. Here we share the step-by-step process of choosing between the PLB & Satellite Messenger.

PLB Vs Satellite Messengers:

Personal Locator Beacon:

If a user wants to avoid the subscription fee or if you are solely interested in being able to send an SOS in emergencies, choose PLB. Some of the key features of Personal Locator Beacon UK include:

  • Locator Beacon can work in the remote areas
  • No subscription fee is needed
  • Long life battery
  • Offers a strong signal as compared to the satellite messenger
  • Send SOS calls in emergencies

Satellite Messenger:

Choose the satellite Messenger if you want to send messages to your loved ones or if you want to access additional features such as navigation. Some key attributes include

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • It requires a subscription fee
  • It works worldwide because the coverage
  • It allows to send /receive non-emergency messages
  • Offers a range of GPS navigating feature
  • For a better signal, an unobstructed view of the sky is needed
  • Cancel an SOS call.

Both of the brands don’t use the same network for SOS signals. If you plan to explore any remote area, check the device’s coverage map first.

Using personal Locator Beacons:

PLBs are the variation of EPIRBs used by boaters. When you activate the PLB, it transmits the powerful distress signal received by the global system of satellites. PLB is also known for utilizing satellite networks. Most of the PLBs offer GPS-provided coordinates for pinpointing the location. If you are looking for the Best Personal Locator Beacon, then the below information will be helpful for you.

  • PLB Must Be Registered:

When you buy a PLB, you must register it in the NOAA SARSAT database. Your PLB unit distress signal is associated with the necessary personal information, including Name, address, emergency contact number, medical conditions, etc. If you sell or transfer the PLB ownership, you must update the data every two years. 

  • PLB Battery Life:

The PLB comes along with an equipped, long-lasting lithium battery. The battery remains dormant until you flip the switch. As per government regulations, the PLB class-2 battery can transmit -20 degrees F for 24 hours. These cold temperatures signify the worst-case scenarios. The battery is recommended to replace after the activations.

Using Satellite Messengers:

Satellite messengers are similar to the PLB, which allows for sending SOS distress signals from remote areas. It offers additional features compared to the PLB, which is why it successfully surpassed the popularity of the PLB. 

Satellite messengers are a device which relies on GPS Satellites for serving location information & commercial satellite networks. The cost of satellite messengers significantly changes based on your chosen feature type and unit.

After knowing all the above information, you can now decide which one you want to invest one! For added safety, choose any of them!


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