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Persian Cat Owner Guide: Cat-Proof Your House


Persian cats make excellent companions. These loving and playful breeds of cats will ensure that not a single moment with them is dull. However, sometimes they can be mischievous and land themselves in trouble. Thus, before bringing a Persian cat home, you must cat-proof your house.

To your beautiful Persian kittens for sale in Dallas, the rug may seem a perfect scratching spot, your furniture a tree trunk, and a toilet a watering hole. Cats are curious, which can easily land them in sticky situations.

We have put up a guide to help you cat-proof your home. Let’s look at some ways to ensure your beautiful white Persian cat in Dallas stays out of trouble. 

Living Room:

Start with cat-proofing your Living room. A few points to consider are:

    • The blue-eyed Persian kittens for sale can injure or strangle themselves in blind or drapery cord. Cut the cord or choose a window treatment without looped cords.
    • If you love decorating your living room with candles, it’s time to opt for flameless candles. The candles can be hazardous to the tails and whiskers of the cat.
    • Your fur baby will enjoy chasing anything that moves, or they can move. Wires and cords are no exception. They can get themselves caught in them or try to chew them. Use cable covers to hide the wires and cords or remove all of them from the way together.
    • Popular houseplants such as aloe vera and lilies can be harmful when ingested by Persian cats. Talk to your vet and replace all the toxic plants with a cat-friendly alternative such as catnip. 
    • Persian cats love to explore. They will climb the windowsills and move along the shelves. If you have decorative ornaments or collectibles on these ledges, put them behind a glass door. There are chances that your cat will knock them over either out of curiosity or by accident. 

Home Office and Bedroom

Next, move to your bedroom and home office and cat-proof it by following the steps shared below:

    • Clear your nightstands of thread, needles, rubber bands, and medications.
    • Hide away the mothballs. When sniffed or eaten by a Persian cat, it can be toxic.
    • When not using the paper shredder, unplug it. A shredder on “standby” or “auto” mode can be dangerous to your Persian cat. 


Another essential space of your house to cat-proof is the kitchen.

    • Put a child-proof lock on all the easily accessible cabinet doors. Stash the food, trash, chemicals, and cleaner in a securely closed cabinet.
    • Ensure that the compost and trash are covered all the time. Your Persian cat can suffocate on a food bag or get sick from the compost.
    • Always use burner covers on hot burners. Cats have a habit of jumping and landing on the stovetop. 


Yes, you also need to cat-proof your bathroom.

    • Cats love string; dental floss is no exception. However, when indigested can cause a server health problems. Thus, ensure that your dustbin is adequately covered.
    • Natural supplements and prescription medications can be poisonous to cats. Thus, stash them in a closed cabinet.
    • Always keep your toilet seat lid down. Your curious Persian cat can easily fall in it. Don’t use automatic bowl cleaners.

Garage, and Laundry Room

If you have a garage or laundry room, you must also cat-proof it.

    • Store your automotive chemicals such as antifreeze, windshield fluid, and motor oil in a secured cabinet. Even a few licks of these toxic chemicals can be life-threatening for your Persian cat.
    • A toasty dryer might seem a comfortable spacer to sleep for your Persian cat. Thus, always keep it close. Before using it, check that your furry friend is not sleeping inside.

Bonus Tip: Your Persian cat has an instinct to scratch. It helps them sharpen their claws and relieve anxiety and stress. As a result, they might scratch the walls and wooden furniture. Buy a scratch post to offer them a designated space to deal with their instinct. 

The Bottom Line

As a doting parent of a Persian cat, you must help them live their best life while protecting them from danger. Take the above steps to provide your cat with a safe and secured forever home.


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