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Oxygen Concentrators: Answers To Most Asked Questions


Do you need to use supplemental oxygen, and do you want to buy an oxygen concentrator? Do you have a lot of questions about an oxygen concentrator? You are in the right place. This article is dedicated to most asked questions about this device and their answers. So, you can stay here to get answers to your questions about an oxygen concentrator.

There are many cases when you need to take oxygen therapy in San Antonio, TX. For example, if you have chronic diseases like obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, or any other illness related to respiration, your doctor can recommend you oxygen therapy. So, here we have included commonly asked questions and their answers about this device in this article. These questions will remove your burning queries about an oxygen concentrator.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

You know that the earth’s atmosphere has 21 percent oxygen. If you are healthy, this oxygen is healthy for you. But if you are on a medical condition with impaired lung function, you may need a higher oxygen concentration. Here begins the need for an oxygen concentrator. This device collects surrounding air and removes the nitrogen to provide you with a higher grade of oxygen. If someone is a COPD patient, they can take oxygen therapy in San Antonio, TX, to improve their health.

Further, an oxygen concentrator is an electronic device that uses electricity to perform operations. You can use a home concentrator by plugging it into a wall outlet. Portable devices are designed to run on batteries.

What is the difference between pulse flow and continuous flow?

You should know that an oxygen concentrator is usually divided into two categories, including pulse flow concentrators and continuous flow concentrators. If we talk about a continuous flow concentrator, it works similarly to an oxygen tank or liquid oxygen tank. This device provides oxygen in a constant stream, measured in liters per minute. On the other hand, a pulse flow machine is designed with advanced technologies to measure your breathing rate. Moreover, if you want to take an oxygen therapy in San Antonio, TX, and need to buy the machine, you can visit a medical equipment supplier.

Are oxygen concentrators noisy?

When anyone goes to buy an oxygen concentrator for the first time, they are concerned about the sound it will make. However, oxygen concentrators are not quiet like oxygen tanks or liquid tanks, but they don’t produce more noise than most people think. Generally, oxygen concentrators come in different types based on the sound output that can be from 30 decibels to 50 decibels. After all, one important thing you need to know about an oxygen concentrator is that you will enjoy a quieter operation if you lower the flow setting. Moreover, if you are on oxygen therapy in San Antonio, TX, you can find the right device based on your needs from a medical equipment supplier.

Does Medicare pay for oxygen concentrators?

Out of all questions, you will see in this article; this one is trickier. After all, if we answer this question in a single word, “No.” Medicare or any other health insurance companies don’t bear the cost of a home oxygen concentrator or a portable one. Further, Medicare considers oxygen concentrators as durable medical equipment or DME. In some cases, an insurance company can pay for a rental machine if described by your doctor. If it is only true if you use medical oxygen tanks. Moreover, if you are taking oxygen therapy in San Antonio, TX, you can rent or buy the machine from a medical supplier.

Where can you buy an oxygen concentrator?

If you wonder where this device is, you can look for a medical equipment supplier in your area. A medical supplier helps you with all kinds of medical equipment: a lift chair in San Antonio or an oxygen concentrator. You can buy a portable oxygen device if you want to continue your oxygen therapy on the go. After all, if you don’t want to buy the machine, you can still take advantage of supplemental oxygen by renting it from a medical supplier. That’s all. These are the questions that can come to your mind when buying an oxygen concentrator.


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