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Outsourcing a Real-Time Transcription Service or a Live Notetaker for Your Business


Are you looking for an ultra-fast typist with over 20+ years in the Transcription Industry to deliver Transcripts in Real Time at your Live Conferences or Board Meetings or Interviews or Focus Groups?  Are your In-House Transcribers using the same old stodgy methods and taking hours, sometimes days to deliver the complete and formatted Transcripts?  The most time- and cost-efficient solution where engagements and reliability is concerned, it to outsource the services of KCM ink.!  We are available to perform any and all Real Time Transcription and Live Notetaking services, whether on site in real time, or remotely from Zooms or audio files sent to our office.  We perform the EXACT same Real-Time Transcription and Live Notetaking service working off-site from audio files or Zooms as we do on-site in real time.  The Transcript is just as fully formatted, Verbatim-Style Transcript is just as instantaneous no matter where we are, from our home base in New York City or WORLDWIDE!

Most transcription companies put on a headset and trudge through the recorded material.  The process is endless and not at all compatible with the fast-moving world of modern advertising, market research, and all related meetings and interviews.  KCM ink. Employs high innovative stenographic technologies that are TOTALLY unique in the Industry to deliver high-quality, Verbatim-Style, and Instantaneous Transcripts that meet any and ALL user and business requirements.

Read on to know why you must outsource a real-time transcription service for your business:

The real-time transcriber and live notetakers possess all the knowledge, skills, and dedication to transcribe any live conversation in real-time and deliver it to the clients as soon as the meeting is finished. They use their years of experience, expertise, and innovative technologies to transcribe the conversation in real-time and deliver it with 100 % accuracy and quality.

If you want to transcribe any live conference. meeting, court hearing, and press conference, it’s better to outsource a good real-time transcription service that can help achieve maximum accuracy and engagement. Transcribing the live conferences helps drive engagements and help get maximum investment return.

Keeping the reference of dialogues and essential points during a meeting helps running the business more successfully. You can use real-time transcripts for the references and improve your business visibility. The real-time transcripts ensure high-quality, 100 % accurate, and well-drafted transcripts that meet the business requirements.

Real-time transcription service ensures delivering high-quality real-time transcriptions to clients within the requested time. They follow an organized and systematic real-time transcription and live notetaking process to deliver quality and accurate real-time transcriptions. Moreover, they provide their business clients with cost-effective real-time transcription solutions that perfectly align with their budget and business goals.

Real-time transcription and Live Notetaking services have emerged as an essential need for all business interviews, meetings, symposiums, focus groups, and ideation sessions. However, the transcription process can be a bit time-consuming and requires professional skills. Instead of engaging your employees in the real-time transcription job, businesses can consider choosing experts with years of experience and skills for Real Time Transcription that produces the finished product immediately after the session is finished!

Professionals in real-time transcription use top-notch skills, years of experience, innovative techniques to deliver accuracy and quality in real-time Transcriptions. You can let them know about your requirements and deliver the desired outcomes as per your outcomes. If you are looking for a live transcription and notetaking company in NYC, you can find many skilled and proficient real-time transcribers and notetakers. They are capable enough to deliver high-quality work on time while ensuring quality and accuracy.

The real-time transcription services don’t use conventional methods to transcribe a live, conference, meeting, court hearing, etc. They don’t believe in wasting your money and time and make the process faster and more efficient. They know that employing outdated transcribing methods will delay the process and increase costs. Using their vast experience and effective techniques, they keep evolving their work according to user requirements. It helps save time and effort and allows them to handle the process more precisely and orderly, without any loss.

Recording a live conference, seminar, or events is a very cumbersome and inefficient method to write a report or analyze the event.  The perfect solution is a Live Notetaker or Real Time Transcriber to capture the event in real time and deliver a fully formatted, bulleted and bolded Transcript instantly after the event is completed.  The moderator can work on his or her report that very evening in the hotel room or on the plane back home!  Businesses can use the live event to generate awareness among the audience and drive more traffic to their business. With real-time transcription services, more businesses can create a more robust online presence. Real-time Transcription services make live conferences more accessible to the audience and eventually help in the business growth. It helps businesses save money and effort and help focus on other areas.

The Final Verdict

Many powerful businesses spend millions of dollars on live conferences, seminars, meetings, and events, but they don’t earn maximum profit in return. However, with real-time transcription and live notetaking services, they make the transcripts of the audio and video recording available to the audiences and help bring more engagement and traffic to their business. Real-time transcriptions services ensure accessibility to the live events and generate more traffic to the website

Moreover, when the staff members in leading business organizations need in-depth insights from digital recordings, transcriptions emerge as saviors. It allows each member to participate in the project thoroughly and get extensive knowledge for the project from digital recordings. The #1 Rated company that faithfully and accurately performs this Live Notetaking service and Real Time  Live Transcription New York City  that is totally unique in the Industry, is KCM ink. The fascinating thing about real-time transcription is you can get the transcript as soon as the meeting is over.

At KCM ink., Transcripts are Real-Time, Verbatim-Style, and Instantaneous.


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