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Open Nail Style Thimbles: Here Is All You Need To Know!

Open Nail Thimbles

Open nail style thimbles are a gift for all those who are engaged in sewing and needlework. What is so special about open nail thimbles? There are lots of products in the market with useful features. But making the right selection requires you to have a responsible and careful approach.

In recent years, open nail style thimbles whose shape is marked with the comfort fit label have become increasingly popular. What does this mean?

Differences Between A Comfortable Fit And A Classic One:

At the very beginning, it is worth analyzing what can be attributed to the classics and what exactly falls under the concept of comfort fit.

Many manufacturers emphasize that the classic has an even profile. If your fingers are even, this is considered an ideal choice. It is the wide surface of the thimble that ensures maximum contact between the finger in daily wear. With the right size selection, the decoration will fit perfectly on your hand. You will feel it on your fingers.

If we talk about the thimble in the comfort fit format, it is suitable for people of anatomically specific fingers, with a wide bone on the phalanges. As a rule, this is a smooth nail thimble with rounded edges. This will allow you to put it easily on fingers with a protruding bone. Thimbles with slightly raised corners are more comfortable to wear.

Open nail thimbles are made up of different materials. Metal ones are made from stainless steel, silver, and gold. They are quite popular among people. They protect your fingers perfectly if you have long nails. Leather thimbles are also quite popular among some groups of people who dislike the bulkiness of metal nails. You can comfortably wear it and do embroidery all day long. But with continuous use and pushing, the leader gets damaged. The thimble will develop several holes.

Always keep in mind that porcelain thimbles are also in trend; their use is widespread. These beautiful thimbles are ideal for use as they don’t cause any inconvenience to your fingers. Be careful when you have a look at these thimbles and wish to choose a particular model.

No matter what type of nail thimbles you use, they get damaged eventually. After regular use, holes emerge. With more holes and damaged surfaces, you should use a nail thimble that you can easily rotate or turn. Do some research before you buy nail thimbles online. Properly selected products last longer and give excellent value for money.


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