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On Board Scales for Agriculture


Agriculture has benefitted from innovations in weight lifting and transporting solutions as much as industry has. Forklifts, trucklifts, bucket loaders and innovations in hay baling have revolutionized the amount of work that can be done in a given amount of time with a given amount of workers. These types of machines have done for farming what automation did for industry.

The way to level up your equipment and machinery is by being able to use the machinery not only to lift and move large objects and quantities, but to be able to quantify these by weight at the same time.

From produce to feed to materials, there is plenty to do on your farm with a forklift. When you start measuring out and moving feed or produce, in order to measure it you will have to add additional steps. Not measuring it will lead to loss and bad accounting. The perfect answer is a Hyster 650 compatible forklift scale.  A Hyster 650 compatible forklift scale will allow you to move and measure all in one step! A Hyster 650 compatible forklift scale will help to streamline your process.

The same is true for your hay baling process. Did you know that you can get a hay hog squeeze scale? Like a forklift scale, a hay hog squeeze scale will allow you to load and measure at the same time. A hay hog squeeze scale will simplify and speed up your process by reducing the number of steps needed and eliminating guesswork.

Accuracy Matters

Accuracy is a really big deal. Inaccurate measures can cost you money and do damage to crops and animals alike. To stay on top of measurements when dealing with large quantities or heavy objects you have to have special scales. American Forklift Scales provides this type of equipment by providing you with weighing solutions such as:

Lift Truck Scales, Scales for Forklifts and Onboard Forklift Scales

The AccuLoad LTWS-1 accurately weighs forklift loads with quickness and ease. This will speed the loading process and give real time data to ensure proper warehouse management. A thermal printer can be added for record keeping and transparency when dealing with partners or clients. You can expect an immediate return on investment with this kind of accuracy and expedited process.

Bucket Loader Scale or Front Loader Scale

The AccuLoad Model LTWS-12 is a front loader and bucket loader scale that uses dual sensors that measure the load after it is picked up by measuring the pressure in the hydraulic line. This is a complete, integrated weighing solution that features:

  • Load cell weight sensors
  • Precision electronics
  • In-cab displays to guide drivers
  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS tracking
  • Load Management Software

This system allows you to check weigh every bucket for perfect accuracy.

Bin Truck Scale or Scout Truck Scale

The AccuLoad Model LTWS-1 vehicle scale will allow your bin or scout trucks to weigh their loads with ease and accuracy! It can be used on any hydraulic-lift container carrier including:

  • Small Container Carriers
  • Bin Carriers
  • Dumpster Stinger Trucks

The indicator can be loaded into the cab for convenience and real time information and feedback.

Hay Squeeze Scale and Hay Loader Scales

Weigh your hay bale loads during operations to get an accurate picture of quantity, turning that into profit. The reliable AccuLoad Model LTWS-1 scale can be fitted to any hydraulic hay squeeze. This hay squeeze scale lets you keep on top of agricultural operations by telling you exactly how much hay you are moving, and letting you keep a complete and accurate accounting of supply.


American Forklift Scale offers a thermal printer, the Porti-KT40. It takes a standard size of paper and is easy to use for accounting and record keeping purposes. It also allows for transparency in your practices with partners and customers. They also offer power converters  for 36 Volt – 96 Volt.

Superior Customer Service

American Forklift Scale provides the best real person phone support in the industry. Their kind and knowledgeable staff can listen to and understand your weighing needs and help you find solutions. They also provide great technical support and give you access to a list of support documents needed for anything from setting up your new scale indicator to calibrating to warranties. They even offer a 21 day test drive of our scale systems so that you know it works for you and the best part is that it didn’t cost you a dime. Visit American Forklift Scale on the web or call (888) 640-2725 to find out more today!


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