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Non-Invasive Fat Loss: All You Need To Know


Non-invasive far loss involves advanced technology. It is believed that non-invasive fat removal has no side effects and does not require recovery time like other surgical procedures. Compared to liposuction, non-invasive fat reduction includes non-surgical treatments. There is no use of scalpels or needles, or anesthetic. This fat reduction treatment process has become one of the most popular ways to get rid of fat cells from the body. You may work out frequently, have a strict diet, and still have particular stubborn fat that keeps you away from your dream body. Losing extra weight is healthy, but it may not always lead to the perfect toning of your body or reveal your body shape. The stomach fat may be difficult to get rid of completely, but thanks to some non-invasive fat reduction treatment, you can achieve the body contouring you desire.

Non-invasive fat removal is also referred to as non-surgical body contouring. Every person has a specific number of fat cells n their body, which is discovered as a child. Despite any weight change in your body, the number of fat cells in your body doesn’t change; instead, they expand to bigger sizes which in turn causes noticeable changes in your body. Likewise, if you lose some weight, the fat cells will shrink or reduce in size but never disappear. Stubborn fat areas may bother you even after exercise, diet, and living a healthy lifestyle. This is why some slim people still want a fat reduction procedure. This treatment involves a procedure of destroying a certain number of fat cells to help remove or reduce stubborn fat without any form of surgery. This procedure can be carried out on several parts of the body, including the thighs, abdomen, upper arms, and bottom.

Rather than getting a liposuction or a complete weight loss surgery, you can choose to go for a non-invasive fat loss procedure. There are little to no side effects and no healing process to go through. There are a few types of non-invasive fat reduction which include;

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy

This procedure involves emitting cold laser energy to body tissues that are broken down and absorbed into the body by fat cells. Cool-laser technology is incorporated into this method to eliminate fat deposits around the thighs, abdomen, arms, buttocks, and other specific areas of the body. The Zerona low-level laser reveals unwanted fat to the low-level energy, and this energy forces the fat cells to push out saturated fat into your body. Once the lipids are released into the body, the body assimilates the fat, and it is then removed through natural processes.

This non-invasive procedure is regarded as one of the most gentle treatments for fat reduction. It is also FDA approved for fat reduction in the hips, thighs, and waist. There are rarely side effects with this process. It is a painless procedure, and some patients even say it’s relaxing. It is great for patients with little fat issues, and patients will have to undergo a strict diet before and even after the treatment. Each session lasts for about 20-40mins, and it costs an average of $1700.

  • Cryolipolysis(coolsculpting)

Cryolipolysis takes advantage of the power of cold temperature. This procedure is popularly known as cool sculpting, and it is referred to as one of the best body contouring and non-invasive fat removal procedure. This process involves targeting fat cells in specified areas and freezing them up to allow complete elimination from the body. Coolsculpting promotes 20-25% fat removal and is highly recommended. Most people with “double chin” and unwanted fat in their bra area, flanks, inner thighs, or upper arms and stomach regions opt for coolsculpting for a perfect result. It is an FDA-approved procedure for the reduction of fat in nine specific areas of the body.

One of the common side effects includes temporary numbness, tingling, redness, and mild swelling. Due to the numbness from the cooling sensation of the freezing applicator, you may feel pain like slight pulling and pinching sensations when the fat cells are pulled out after freezing.

With non-invasive fat loss in Mesa, it  is suitable for patients who find it hard to lose weight in their lower abdomen, love handles, chin, inner and outer thighs. It costs around $2500 – $4000 per session, and the process takes up to an hour in some cases.


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