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Newborn Baby Clothing–Dressing and Body Temperature


Asides from carrying around a bag of diaper changing and hygiene necessities, your newborn baby also needs to wear clothes that regulate the body temperature, so that his or her body temperature does not rise too much or drop too low. More so, newborn babies are prone to temperature fluctuation, so you need to be very particular about the dressing of your newborn. This informational content would cover why the temperature of newborns fluctuate, how you can choose the appropriate clothing for the particular climate, and also how to clothe and develop the body of your newborn baby.

Fluctuations in the temperature of Newborns –Why?

Sometimes, when babies are too hot, they develop heat rash that is easily treatable with the prescribed medications, lotions in most cases or it may disappear naturally. The skins of newborns is so sensitive and delicate, thereby, the need for delicate and soft clothes like newborn knit gown and other knit clothes for newborns. As the baby’s hormone levels change from what they have received off their mother during pregnancy to their natural regulated level, their temperatures are prone to sudden changes. So, to be on the safe side, you should always make sure that the clothes for your new born are soft and delicate; Knit gowns and hats for babies are a good option. Those hats are especially made to keep the head temperature of your newborn regulated.

Choosing the appropriate clothing for the particular climate

This depends on the climate that you are in. But for most climates, getting your newborn baby little shorts or leggings to cover the diaper worn with a soft loose-fitting top or jumper and newborn socks should be okay to safeguard against the weather. In this case, a Paty newborn knit gown is recommended for female babies and a knit t-shirt for male babies. In cold climates, little hooded cardigans or newborn jackets are good for extra warmth, as are booties worn over socks and knitted baby hats.

On the other hand, if you are in a hot climate, protecting your baby from the UV rays of the sunlight is very important.Using light cool cotton clothing with a light hat for sun protection will protect your baby and help keep his or her body temperature normal. This newborn knit baby hat protection is very important to keep the skin of your baby healthy for the long term.

Clothing and developing the body of your newborn

Always have it in mind that a newborn baby’s body is still developing strength and it takes time for them to learn muscle control; You need to allow those muscles to grow and blend well to form strong ones. Wearing heavy fabrics can hinder the process of muscle development and cause their little bodies to ache. So, you need to be very careful and particular about the clothing of your newborn. Also, having extra clothes on hand for when your baby stains his or her clothes is necessary for proper hygiene.

Newborns soon outgrow their clothes as they tend to develop very fast. So, making sure you are ready to change them into clothes that fit is very important. You do not want to have your babies wear tight clothes to avoid any body deformation. You should make it a practice to keep layers of clothing with you in case the weather turns hot or cold. Though, knit clothes for babies are quality, but they can impact the body temperature and feelings of your child; He or she can start crying incessantly when the clothing is too free or too tight. In order to avoid this, you should strike a balance in between to find what is bodily comfortable for your kid. You could even get your baby sleep wears, such as vests and sleep suits with snaps  for easy diaper changing.

Babies respond to the sense of touch from the clothing. Being sensitive to how your baby feels in his or her clothes such as pulling or squirming may be a signal to you about how comfortable or otherwise your baby is.

That  being said, you should note that your new-born’s clothes should be soft, delicate and comfortable.


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