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While mono-printing is more closely connected to painting than traditional printmaking, it cannot be classified as either, nor can it be called a pure mixed media process. Monoprints are unique works since each print contains varying elements of chance and unpredictability. Depending on the process used and the skills and inclinations of the artist, they can vary from fairly predictable to completely random. In this article, we will be looking at Monoprint Art Tampa, Florida.

What is Monoprint Art?

A monoprint is a print made from a single impression of the artist’s hand. It is also known as monotype, monotyping, or handmade print. The French word “monoprint” translates to one impression and was first used to describe this technique in 1873 by the English art critic Roger Fry. Monoprints can be created using various tools such as pens, brushes, stamps, stencils, or other materials.

Because monoprinting involves only one impression being transferred to paper at one time, there is no need for multiple blocks. It is considered an economical way of making prints compared to intaglio printing, where multiple impressions are required.

What is Monotype Printmaking?

Monotype printmaking is a technique in which ink is applied to a plate in a single pass, then printed onto paper. Monotypes are also called monoprints, one-offs, and Multilith plates. Monotypes were invented by the American painter James McNeill Whistler during his time in Paris. He was experimenting with color lithography and found that he could use the same process to make prints from his watercolors.

The resulting prints were far more spontaneous than traditional etchings or engravings because they could be created rapidly with only one application of pigment at any given place on the surface of the plate; thus, they also became known as instantaneous impressions. Monotype printmaking Boston Mass is the best place to go within the city.

Monoprint Techniques

There are several techniques for monoprinting, including:

  • Collagraph
  • Engraving
  • Aquatint
  • lino cutting


Collagraphs are prints made from a matrix, a piece of material onto which an image has been transferred. The matrix can be made from various materials and affixed to a backing paper or board. It is then covered with paint and printing inks before being printed with an engraving plate or lithograph stone. Once the ink has dried, the artist carves away at matrix parts to reveal the image hidden below. Monoprint techniques rely on various combinations of stencils, collage, and direct application so that multiple layers can be applied to one sheet at once without having to make copies first.


Engraving is the process of using a sharp metal tool to cut lines into a metal plate. The plate is then inked, and paper is pressed against it. The plate is then etched with acid to make the lines permanent. The plate is then inked, and paper is pressed against it.


The aquatint is a technique used to create images on metal. The artist creates the image by using a metal plate covered in a resist, then exposing it to acid. The acid eats away at the exposed areas (those not protected by the resist), leaving behind an image with higher contrast than would be possible with other techniques. Once you’ve created your image on the plate, ink it and wipe it clean.

Lino cutting

Linocutting is a printmaking technique that uses a printing press to transfer an inked image from a plate onto paper. The process was originally used for mass-produced items to reproduce images quickly. In modern times, the method remains popular among artists and hobbyists who seek its tactile nature and ability to create unique works of art. Linoleum is made from finely ground cork dust mixed with linseed oil and pigments that are pressed through a screen into molds, then hardened by heating before being cut into blocks or sheets for use as printing plates.


Having read through the type of monoprinting techniques and knowing what monoprinting art is, we want to believe you can decide what technique to use when trying out monoprint art. We recommend you try out monoprinting if you are looking for a new art form because it is fun, easy, and allows you to experiment with different methods without spending much money on supplies or equipment to make a perfect combination.


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