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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying AA Coins With a Sobriety Chip

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You’ve decided to buy AA coins for sobriety as a gift to yourself or someone else. It’s a great way to celebrate being sober and an opportunity to bond with others over your recovery. But before you start shopping, take a moment to consider these mistakes to avoid when buying custom AA coins with a sobriety chip.

What Are AA Coins With A Sobriety Chip?

AA coins with sobriety chips are physical coins that remind people of their commitment not to drink alcohol. AA Coins with sobriety chips have been designed by Alcoholics Anonymous for all levels of alcoholics, from those who only drink socially to those struggling with alcoholism. The goal is always to maintain abstinence and not use alcohol at all.

Who Are AA Coins With a Sobriety Chip Good For?

Whether you are a member of Alcoholic Anonymous or the family and friend of a recovering alcoholic, AA Coins have been used for decades as tangible reminders to practice our 12-step programs. They are also a cheap and easy way to help friends and loved ones struggling with addiction.

Custom AA coins come in various forms, i.e., in the form of a coin or medallion – each one featuring the AA Steps or Slogans on the front and back and the Serenity Prayer on both sides.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying these coins.

Not Knowing What AA Coins Are

The most common mistake is misunderstanding what an AA coin is and what it’s used for. AA coins are coins with custom designs that can help someone stay sober. AA coins have been around for over 60 years and are used by members of Alcoholics Anonymous to mark their sobriety milestones.

The sobriety chip on the AA coins for sale must be registered with either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous before it will work.

Not Understanding the Real Purpose

The coin is not a symbol of prestige or a way to be better than your peers. It is not an item to brag about or one to get you special treatment. The coin represents sobriety, sacrifice, and strength. It is what everyone in AA should think of when they hold or look at the coin.

Don’t Buy Coins If You Can’t See A Design On The Front And Back  

The problem with buying AA coins without seeing both sides is that there are counterfeits. Unfortunately, many people who know nothing about these types of issues are being tricked by fakes. For your custom AA coins to have full value, both sides should be fully visible. Certain coins are so low quality that they have blank backs.

Looking For Cheap AA Chips Online

You may think that you are saving money by buying AA coins with low-quality designs, but they will tarnish quickly and look worse than their higher-quality counterparts.

Many places sell AA coins with an engraving on them for $5-$15, which seems like an easy way to save money. It might be tempting, but if it is stamped or scratched into the metal rather than deeply engraved, these coins will look worn and neglected.

 Disregarding Design Layout

One of the most overlooked aspects of AA coins for sale is their design layout. Many people buy AA coins and only consider how they are going to get them engraved. It’s easy to dismiss design layouts, but they are vital to getting your message across.

The design layout of AA coins can greatly affect their attractiveness. Therefore, you must look for AA coins that are visually appealing and not just gold in color.

Don’t Buy More AA Coins Than You Need

It should be self-explanatory, but it’s not. Keep in mind that AA chips are meant for meetings and can only be used once. Be mindful of how many times you’re attending, your sobriety date, and how long your chips are valid.

If you’re not sure how many AA meetings you should go to, it’s probably best not to purchase extra. It’s important to listen to your needs and schedule accordingly.

Final Lines

Finally, just like buying anything else, you should determine your budget before starting your search for AA coins. It is easier than it sounds, but it’s important to stay within your means while still getting something that will work for you.


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