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Misconceptions About Eyelash Extensions Treatment

eyelash extension treatment

When it comes to beauty care choices, you will come across a lot of tricks and shortcuts. However, you can still come across some serious misconceptions that people have about some specific treatment.

Give the case of eyelash extension. It is one of the most common beauty therapies in recent times that women in all industries have opted for. It will redefine your appearance and add the extra character you desired.

As with several other beauty therapies, this eyelash extension treatment in West Des Moines, IA is not avoiding misconceptions. The irony is, most of these experiences are nothing but illusions. So, it is about this time you had some real idea and concept behind this trendy beauty technique.

Read the following to discover the facts behind the eyelash extension misconceptions.

 Misconception 1: Extensions are not natural

The most prevalent myth of eyelash extensions is that it looks artificial. However, this is not true at all. You may have a thick lash line over your eyelids, but it does not look false in any way. The beauty salons will give you a personalized approach for lash extensions in Des Moines that adds natural shine to your skin without making your eyes look unnatural. All you can expect your eyelashes to look voluminous and normal after the treatment.

Misconception 2: Eyelash extensions are harmful to natural lashes

You need to choose a professional in this field and choose the best lash extension to ensure that it will not damage your natural lashes. Experts know that it was never right to add too much adhesive to the bonding. A proper way of applying lashes and an experienced professional is all what it takes to have wonderful eyelash extension treatment.

In addition, the fibers for the lashes should be around 3 mm. By meeting these two requirements, you will be able to make sure that the natural lashes are not damaged in any way.

Misconception 3: You are never allowed to wash your lashes

Indeed, you will not be able to wet your lashes for the next few hours as recommended by your professionals. However, that does not mean you are never going to have to sweep up your lashes. Within 24 hours, you will be able to clean it up like normal.

However, it is never recommended that you rub your lashes after the eyelash extension treatment in West Des Moines, IA. Instead, you need to use a cleaner on lash extensions to brush them softly. If you are unable to do the cleaning properly, many beauty professionals also give this service after the treatment. Take proper care of your lash extensions to make them last longer.

Misconception 4: Eyelash extension is not for those who have flat lashes

Another widespread misunderstanding about eyelash extensions indicates that it is not for everyone, particularly for those who have straight lashes. The fact, however, is that if you go to the right beauty salon, you will find that everyone deserves to have an eyelash extension.

The extensions are designed to fit your eye shape, and it comes in different shapes to suit everyone. Let the experts deal with this problem as they leave you with normal, stunning eyes until the extension is done.

So, keep away from these perceptions about eyelash extensions and get the benefit from this amazing treatment.

Here are a few things to remember once you have your lash extensions in Des Moines.

  • You must wash your face and bath as usual within the first 24 hours. However, do not touch your eyes when moist, or you can pat them dry with a soft hand.
  • Make it a routine to groom lashes when wet with eyelashes comb or a clean wand of mascara. You can also use a low-setting hairdryer to shape them if you like.
  • Let your makeup artist know that you have natural eyelash extensions to take proper care of your face and skin while taking other facial treatments.
  • Do not pull extensions to remove them outright. This will end up scratching the extensions as well as the natural lashes. Get it removed by a trained hand.

Lash extensions in Des Moines can be a beneficial treatment for your beauty. You can nail the look every time you go out for parties or even on normal days; you can flaunt your natural eyelash extension. Get it done right by professionals in your area and have safe and hygienic lashes.


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