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Men’s Shirts by Steven and Luchiano – the Hippest Trends in USA


Many shoppers stick to the same brand they’ve worn since their teenage years. Some clothing houses have gained popularity while others have stopped production of their garments. Shirts have a limited life, after which they need to be replaced to avoid raised eyebrows or concern from your parents about your hygiene standards and similar.

There are many shirt styles that have remained in fashion, but their classic appeal will die away soon. As neckties die a slow death and lose popularity, it seems more people will prefer polo t-shirts for work and play! Brands have diversified to pocket squares and shirts that are elegant without a necktie. Just wearing chinos and a half sleeve shirt is considered ‘formal’ in the IT industry!

Who wears plain shirts nowadays?

Recently, shirts have decreased in sales because of the many people that are ‘Working From Home,’ though they do keep the best ones handy for video conferencing with clients or supervisors. Many rely greatly on magazines to show them where and what to purchase every season. Clients that have a penchant for the latest styles from the best brands often visit Dolce Vita’s online store for quick comparisons and ensuring their entire wardrobe is updated. Instead of relying on brands that are popular because of their long history, they shortlist Visconti and Steven Land’s shirts. Before purchasing anything from the online store, they peruse the other latest options and look for some of the fabulous things that are on special discount. There’s no point buying something that requires green Oxford shoes that are not available anywhere, so you buy a blue pair instead. With a real-time chat option, Dolce Vita’s experts respect their customers and are looking to please them with the right choices. This is customer-centricity versus product-centricity which makes some stores always offer the most profitable products. If the online salesperson knows the brands and trends, you can expect superb advice related to upselling and cross-selling!

It’s always beneficial to have somebody who knows the latest trends and good taste when shopping online. It isn’t necessarily your spouse or mother and keeping this in mind, Dolce Vita has specialists to assist you find the best suited apparel for your taste and budget. They might recommend linen in place of denim or simply help you match the color of your Visconti men’s shirts with the most appropriate suits and coats. Depending on your line of work, there are a lot of items to peruse but not too many. The collection of Visconti and Steven Land men’s shirts encompass everything that is hip today and will be a classic in the future. The collection is carefully selected after taking into consideration several factors revolving around customer needs and expectations to ensure each piece of clothing will be a joy to wear. It would be time consuming, if you needed to visit different websites each with their version of interfaces and shopping carts. One web store for your shoes, another for your jeans, and a third for your shirts!

What’s your style and image?

Fashion and trends in USA were not so complicated earlier compared to today. Young adults were Hippy, Goth, Punk, Preppy, etc., while adults needed to choose between white and blue shirts for work. Now, things are different and you need to dress in a particular way for people to take you seriously. People still dress formally, only the definition of what is ‘business meeting attire’ and ‘Friday dressing’ has developed into something pretty different. Things that would’ve been considered appalling a few decades ago are popular trends. To facilitate good fashion sense for all customers, Dolce Vita Fashions has the finest collection of shirts for men by Steven Land and Luchiano Visconti. It’s often unnecessarily time consuming to find a simple thing at an online store because of the number of options displayed. Our website ensures only the cream of the crop is displayed for everyone. Our process of choosing garments ensures everything is fashionable, budget-friendly, and great value for money.

At Dolce Vita Fashions we are all for word-of-mouth advertising and customer advocacy. We use our customers’ tastes and preferences to streamline what we offer and reduce the time it takes to fill your shopping cart with the hottest clothes and accessories.


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