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Male Pattern Baldness And PRP Therapy Hair Loss Treatment

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Receding hairlines and male patterned baldness are often the cause of nightmares for many men. However, thanks to advanced technology, now there is a way to solve this issue. PRP therapy hair loss treatment in AZ is an effective and non-surgical method that allows you to flaunt your beautiful and strong hair once again.

Before you visit a PRP therapy hair loss clinic in Arizonalet’s learn more about hair loss and the hair growth cycle.

What Is The Cause OF Hair Loss?

As per a study, more than 50% of men over 50 experience male pattern baldness. In most cases, the cause of this hair loss is genetic and is associated with androgens, a male sex hormone. 

Androgens serve many functions in the male body, one of which is hair growth regulation. Studies have shown that men who experienced male patterned baldness suffer from hair growth cycle disruption. 

Thanks to the joint prep injection therapy in Gilbert, AZ,now there is an easy and effective treatment of male patterned baldness. 

What Is The Normal Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows in its roots or follicle below the skin. At the bottom of the follicle, blood vessels offer nutrients to the hair to grow. Together, these blood vessels create keratin that produces a protein that compromises nails and hair. 

Between their life cycle of growing and falling out, hair is in one of the four growth cycle stages. 

Anagen Stage: It is also known as the growth phase. This stage may last between 2 to 7 years. The length of this phase determines how long your hair can grow. 

Catagen Stage: It is also known as the transition phase and can last upto ten days. The follicle shrinks and pulls away from the deep skin layer during this stage. 

Telogen Stage: It is also known as the resting phase and may last upto three months. The follicle has already pulled away from the skin while the old hair remains intact. While the new hair starts its growth cycle, the old hair is still resting. 10% to 15% of your hair can be in this stage every time. If your hair enters this stage too early, you may lose more hair, and observable thinning may occur. 

Exogen Stage: It is a new hair stage in which your old hair falls out to make way for the unobstructed growth of new hair. In a single day, you may lose 50 to 150 hair.

At any given time, each of your hair is in a different stage.

What Is The Alopecia Hair Growth Cycle

When you suffer from male pattern baldness, your complete hair growth cycle (described above) weakness and your hair follicle shrinks permanently. It results in new hair being shorter and thinner until the growth cycle for every hair ceases. Moreover, new hair growth doesn’t take place.

While male pattern baldness is common in older men, its signs may be visible from teenage years, depending on the genetics. The hair loss starts from the crown of the head and temple. While some men suffer from a single bald spot, others may experience receding hairlines that form an’ M’ shape. You may experience receding hairlines unless there is no hair left on your head. 

If you suffer from male pattern baldness or have observed the signs of receding hairlines, schedule an appointment with the PRP therapy hair loss clinic in Arizona.

How Does PRP Therapy Works For Male Patterned Baldness And Hair Loss?

The PRP therapy hair loss treatment in AZis an innovative hair loss treatment that uses your blood to promote hair growth. As mentioned above, male patterned baldness and hair loss are caused by follicle shrinkage until it produces no hair or short and thin hair. Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) contains cytokines and growth proteins that stimulate follicle function. 

The joint prep injection therapy in Gilbert, AZ, will strengthen these weak hair follicles. A small sample of your blood will be taken and rotated in a centrifuge. Once PRP is extracted from your blood sample, shallow and small injections will be injected into your skin. They will be injected at the hair follicle level to ensure that it reaches the required spot and offers maximum result. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an effective and long-term solution to male patterned baldness, you must schedule an appointment with the PRP therapy clinic today.


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