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Looking For The Right Coffee Table For Your Home?

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Coffee Table For Your Home

Coffee tables bring life and charm to our living room. It enhances the home’s decor and creates a mesmerizing look that adds an aesthetic touch to your home. However, choosing the right coffee table is not about perfect finishing and look. We all love to buy furniture that can last for years without any problems. Hence considering the quality and functions of the table is a must.

Choosing the right furniture for your home is an overwhelming and challenging task. However, seeing the exceptional and welcoming Sisyphus coffee tables at your home will fill you with excitement and joy.

Some Interesting Facts About Sisyphus Coffee Tables

  • Sisyphus coffee tables combine art and technology to form mesmerizing meditative patterns. The table’s mechanism is based on the concept of Greek mythology; Sisyphus, a Greek king who was sentenced to push a large rock up on a mountain.
  • Bruce Shapiro, the brain behind Sisyphus coffee tables, left his medical profession to follow his passions for computer-controlled machines to create art. Bruce Shapiro took his inspiration from Greek mythology to start his dream project, Sisyphus.  
  • The artistic masterpiece uses a metal ball constantly rolling over the sand, forming beautiful mandala artistic patterns. The company provides a free Sisyphus app that allows the users to control the table’s mechanism such as playlist tracks, artistic patterns, etc.
  • With the help of the Sisyphus app, your smartphone can work as a remote control and give you  all the power to make modifications. You can buy custom sisyphus products online, order custom sisyphus tables and experience the unique design that merges technology and furniture with stunning art patterns.
  • The table includes a two-motor robot, Sisbot, under the sand layer that controls a magnet that pulls the metal ball along the geometric patterns. The Sisbot is hand-built by technicians and goes through extensive testing before fitting into the table.If you look beneath the table, you can see the robotic mechanism and the blinking LEDs. They have used cutting-edge and innovative technology to create stunning kinetic patterns. 
  • The table is embedded with 25 pre-programmed tracks that create attractive sand patterns on the table. The users can also access the kinetic playlist through a web browser or a wifi connection. Besides, users can customize the white and colored lighting and tracks using the free Sisyphus app. The Sisyphus app can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Google play store. Moreover, the app also allows the user to change the ball speed, kinetic patterns, brightness, tracks, etc.
  • Taking inspiration from traditional Zen garden, the Sisyphus coffee table contains a fine layer of sand in which a metal ball rotates in different directions and creates beautiful kinetic patterns.  The colored LED lightings used in the table highlight the stunning dune patterns and make them more beautiful and attractive.Besides, the sisbot installed in the table helps to move the metal ball through the sand effortlessly and silently, thus, adding a beautiful touch to the overall look.
  • Sisyphus coffee table is not just a coffee table but also a wonderful gadget. It allows the users to connect the table with the internet via wifi. Users can connect the table with their smartphones and control the playlist tracks and design patterns as per their requirements. The coffee tables use from 100 to 200 watts of 110V to work. It may vary depending on the size of the table.
  • This Sisyphus table is the perfect combination of perfect engineering and art. Whether it is a metal side table or a metal coffee table, all the varieties of the Sisyphus table work on a similar mechanism. The Sisyphus tables form beautiful mandala art forms by creating different artistic sand patterns.
  • You can pre-order the beautiful kinetic art tables from the website of Sisyphus Industries. You can buy custom sisyphus products online, order custom sisyphus tables to witness the captivating, complex, and beautiful kinetic patterns under a tempered glass top.

The Bottom Line

After becoming part of several art installations worldwide, the mediative coffee tables are now available for people. You can buy custom sisyphus products online, order custom sisyphus tables and place it in your living room to amplify the beauty and decor of the living space.Now you have learned more about the Sisyphus table, searching for the right coffee table can be easy and relaxed. So choose the Sisyphus coffee table for your living space that will keep your guests engaged and comfortable. So visit their website and make an order now!


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