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Looking for a Good Antimicrobial Surface Protectant in VA?


Everywhere around us, there are thousands to millions of microbes. They are ubiquitous yet so small that we cannot see them with our naked eyes. While some of them are beneficial to the quality of the ecosystem or life, others are responsible for causing health-related diseases. It is almost impossible to filter out the microbes that cause significant harm to the body from the other harmless types; hence, you treat them all as one.

A great way to protect the environment – domestic or professional workspace, from these disease-causing microbes is to use antimicrobial protectants. They are great agents that kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc., due to the formulated, active ingredients. If you need an excellent antimicrobial surface protectant in VA, look no further because we got you covered at Ecovasive Infection Control.

About Ecovasive Infection Control

We are a large-scale antimicrobial production company committed to efficiency and keeping a safer environment. Our primary aim is to disinfect and protect using incredible, cutting-edge application methods to complete the task quickly. We are not only focused on keeping certain places rid of microbes; instead, we are all-around, including homes, schools, offices, transit, gyms, spas, health centers (like Tuberculosis disinfection in VA), etc.

Ecovasive Infection Control is located in different parts of the United States to reach everyone the fastest and easiest way possible. In our defense, we hope that anyone who contacts us gets a safer place to live, work, play, or study without being vulnerable to disease-causing illnesses.

The Application of Antimicrobial Protectants

One interesting thing you should know about us is that: all our disinfectants are natural and non-toxic. We ensure that we don’t pollute the environment you live or work in with toxic chemicals that could affect your health in a bid to get rid of microbes. These disinfectants or protectants are also made available in large quantities so that you could always make use of them when necessary.

Let’s introduce you to our two effective antimicrobial solutions and a great application method regarding our protectants without further ado. They go thus:

Ecovasive Disinfectant Solution

One of our brightest solutions is an EPA-registered Disinfectant that works the safest and the fastest (4-minute kill time). This all-natural disinfectant is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and bleach-free so that there is nothing for you to worry about. More importantly, it deodorizes after a few minutes of application/getting the job done.
This solution kills pathogens like NOROVIRUS, Flu, MRSA, CORONA VIRUS, etc. It is also the ideal choice for tuberculosis disinfection in VA.

Ecovasive Biostatic Solution

Another EPA-registered non-toxic protectant against microbes is the Biostatic Solution. It is more of a surface protectant so that it works for some days before applying all over again. This Ecovasive Solution contains a non-leaching bacteriostatic formula that lasts for longer periods – often between 1 to 3 months.

Cutting-Edge Electrostatic Technology Application

Beyond the usual spray-and-swipe method, we have developed a unique application technology for our protectant solutions. This electrostatic technology application often makes sure you don’t miss a spot during surface protection using high-quality spray devices. The mode of operation involves charging these solution particles so that they bind closely to the surface in a smooth or even manner.

What Do You Need to Apply These Protectants?

Apart from our bioesque disinfectant, there are other things you will need to apply these protectants to surfaces effectively. The exciting thing is that we have them available on the Ecovasive website, and they include;

Spray Bottles

We have 32 oz. spray bottles that make it a lot easier to disinfect densely populated areas or locations. These bottles are EPA- and medical-grade for safety. The solution in them makes it possible to kill pathogens like Flu, Corona Virus, etc., in less than 4 minutes. It is also non-toxic and non-corrosive; hence, a fantastic antimicrobial surface protectant in VA.

Facial Masks

In a bid to protect your environment, you should protect yourself as well. Even as the disinfectants are non-toxic, they could cause some reactions or trigger allergies. An excellent way to prevent that from happening is using a standard protective KN95 facial mask.

Hand Sanitizers

Our 4-hour hand sanitizers are also great to prevent you from maintaining contact with these microbes in public places. It is a must-have for safety and protection.

Overall, Ecovasive Infection Control is where you’ve got to be for your disinfection and protection supplies. It doesn’t matter if it’s surface protection or tuberculosis disinfection in VA; your safety is the only paramount thing to use. Visit our website today and find our location near you to get high-quality surface protectants that work great.




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