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Laser commercial cleaning services: An environment-friendly approach for cleaning


Thanks to the increasing awareness of environmental protection, numerous good changes have been brought to the development of cleaning industries worldwide. Various cleaning technologies that are favorable to environmental protection have emerged, among which the laser commercial cleaning services are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in industrial sectors.

A laser cleaning technology refers to using a high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface so that the layer of rust, dust, and other contaminants are instantly peeled off or evaporated.

Unlike ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical cleaning, and chemical cleaning, laser cleaning does not require any abrasive and CFC-based solvent that damages not only the ozone layer but also the environment.

In a nutshell, laser technology provides a green cleaning solution with no noise and harm to the human body and environment. So if you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Edmonton, you may like to consider laser cleaning.

Compared to conventional cleaning methods, laser cleaning offers the following advantages:

  • It is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • The cleaning procedure doesn’t damage the original material surface. Only the rusted or contaminated layer is removed.
  • It is safe, reliable, and doesn’t cause harmful impacts on the human body.
  • It can remove various coatings of different thicknesses.
  • The cleaning process is easy and requires no or minimum manual labor.

What can a laser surface cleaning company clean?

Laser cleaning can remove various contaminants accumulated on the surface with time to achieve the cleanliness that conventional cleaning can’t. Some examples of what a laser surface cleaning company in Edmonton or anywhere can do for you are:

  • Paint, oxide, and coating removal.
  • Oil and grease removal.
  • Metal rust removal.
  • Welded joint and threaded rod cleaning.
  • Mold cleaning.
  • Concrete and masonry cleaning.
  • Wood surface cleaning.

Although chemical cleaning techniques can also clean all these contaminants mentioned above, they are sure to produce a large amount of liquid waste. This liquid waste, when enters the soil, not only affects the quality of soil but also pollutes groundwater and affects the lives of marine animals.

If it isn’t stopped, soon the Earth will have no fertile soil and no clean water. That is why even state government encourages industrialists to use eco-friendly alternatives like laser cleaning to clean their facilities. It is quick, efficient, and affordable. Contact an expert laser surface cleaning company today!


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