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Know About Furnace Limit Switch and its Importance


Do you know how a furnace works? Do you know about a furnace limit switch? A furnace limit switch works with a lot of heat-producing components. One of the vital components is the furnace limit switch. It is also known as a furnace high limit switch and furnace fan limit switch. This switch is a critical part of your furnace. After all, do you know the importance of this small part? Continue reading this article to learn more.

How does a furnace limit switch work?

A furnace limit switch is an important part of a forced-air furnace. It turns on the furnace blower when the desired heat is found inside the furnace. It is crucial to have a working furnace limit switch in order to regulate the temperature in association with the thermostat. Usually, a furnace limit switch has an exterior plate and a temperature probe that works inside the furnace housing. To know about this switch, call a heating service in Houston, TX.

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How does a furnace high limit switch regulate temperature?

Do you know how this switch regulates temperature? The furnace high limit switch starts regulating the temperature when the heat is turned up. After that, the furnace receives a signal from the thermostat in order to turn on the unit. When the furnace starts getting heated, the limit switch gets closed in order to connect the circuit and turn on the blowers. Further, when your home or business premise receives the desired temperature, the furnace burner gets shut off. Still, the blower is in working condition until the temperature decreases to the lower limit. You can call a 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair service in Texas in case of any emergency and repair the furnace.

A little-known safety feature for a furnace limit switch

You can use the furnace limit switch for different purposes. In addition to using this switch for the cycling of your furnace, you can also use it to shut off the furnace blowers and burners in case the unit gets overheated. You should know that an overheated furnace creates many safety issues causing serious furnace damage. For this reason, you can call a heating and cooling repair service in Houston and ask them to fix the issue.

Do you know why a furnace gets overheated? Usually, your furnace can get overheated if the blower fan experiences an issue in operation. In addition to it, your furnace overheats when its filter gets dirty, restricting the unit from working in the right way. That is why you should not rely on the furnace limit switch to reduce potential damage and overheating. It is good to actively maintain your HVAC system with a heating service in Houston, TX, and replace the dirty filter.

Furnace high limit switch vs. furnace pressure switch 

You interchangeably consider the furnace limit switch and furnace pressure switch. While both switches are equally important, a furnace pressure switch is found inside a furnace motor compartment. This switch helps detect negative pressure inside the unit. On the other hand, a furnace limit switch is more visible to homeowners, and it is used mainly for temperature control. If you experience any problem with these switches, you can call a 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair service in Texas.

How do you tell if your furnace limit switch is broken?

You may not know about a furnace limit switch until it creates some problems. After all, you should call a heating and cooling repair service in Houston to inspect this switch in case of the following issues:

  • The furnace fan is running non-stop.
  • You are not able to turn on the furnace fan.

Can you repair your furnace high limit switch?

While you can repair this switch yourself, it is not recommended. An experienced HVAC technician can repair this switch easily. But you may not repair it yourself in the right way. You may experience many other problems if you try to repair the switch on your own. With the cost of an HVAC system and associated health issues, it is good to call a professional service if you notice any unusual signs with your switch. That’s all. This is all you need to know about the furnace limit switch.


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