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Improve Your Car Handling With the Best Lowering Springs


Lowering spring is one of the key car modifications. It comes with a couple of benefits that enhance your driving experience. Lowering the car and bringing it closer to the ground is a common way to improve car handling. It not only improves handling but also makes the car look great as well. Car owners can buy the best lowering spring kit online to upgrade their car handling instead of visiting the service center.

What exactly is lowering spring?

Lowering spring is one of the basic components of the car suspension system. As its name implies, it is meant to lower down the vehicle from its original height. Lowering the car means you are lowering the center of gravity, which makes your car rolls less when you turn the car. This also means that less weight is transferred to the outside of the car. In short, you will find a better connection with the road surface. When you change direction, your car will take less time to settle back between the direction changes.

Below are the benefits of installing the lowering springs;

  • Stiff ride– With lowering spring installation, you will have a little stiffer ride than the earlier, which means you will have a better grip on the car. The bottom of the vehicle will not go out over bumps. You will experience a new driving experience.
  • Less lean in corners– Because the vehicle is closer to the road surface, the vehicle weight shift will be less due to the center of gravity. As a result, the car will less lean in corners. In simple terms, the outside of the vehicle stays at the same level as the inside of the vehicle. This allows the car to settle quickly into turns.
  • Better car handling– Being closer to the ground also means more car stability, better grip on the car, and improved responsiveness. Because of lowering springs, less weight transfer, and quickly settle into every turn, you will enjoy better handling and acceleration.
  • Less air drag– Vehicle with low ground clearance or lowered vehicles are more aerodynamic. This leads to less air hitting the wheels and tires, which makes the car faster. Even some owners have noticed improved mileage due to lowering springs. But ensure you avoid a too lowered car. Otherwise, it will increase air drag and ruin the purpose of installing the lowering springs.
  • Improved traction– Lowering the vehicle means the car owners generally fit plus-size tires in the vehicle, with shorter sidewalls and larger contact patches. Put simply, and it keeps more tire rubber in contact with the road, which ultimately improves traction.
  • Less rollover risk– The vehicle with a lower center of gravity will always have less rollover risk while turning the car.
  • Gives more road feel– Lowered vehicles will give you more road feel while driving the car.

Following are the steps to install the lowering springs;

If you are a car owner with more mechanical background and have an idea of installing the lowering spring, we have shared the detailed procedure to install the lowering springs. The process to install the lowering spring is most probably similar to installing the shocks and struts. Before installing the lowering spring, you will have to arrange a few tools, including pry bars, screwdrivers, fractional and metric wrenches, fractional and metric sockets, extensions, ratchets, pneumatic or electric impact wrench, spring compressors, floor jack with jack stands.

  • Put the jack below the car, and jack the car up.
  • Remove the first strut or shock by removing or loosening the bottom jail joint to provide enough space for swinging the shock/strut free.
  • Once the shock or strut is removed, compress the stock spring using the spring compressors.
  • Remove the top cap and nut from the shock/strut using the impact wrench.
  • Remove the spring and then compressor from the spring by using the compressor attached.
  • Slide the new lowering spring over the shock/strut.
  • Re-install the top cap and nut, install the shock/strut.
  • Repeat this procedure to install other lowering springs in different corners.


This is a general procedure to install the lowering spring in the car. However, the procedure may differ with different car types. Whether you want to buy the best lowering spring kit online or the best strut bar online, choose a trusted aftermarket car part company for high-quality car parts.


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