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How To Wash Down & Feather Pillows At Home?


Down pillows have long been acknowledged for their premium quality, softness, and comfort over other pillows. They provide endless options when it comes to variety and price range. Cozy, comfortable feather pillows and down pillows add an elegant and luxurious touch to your bedroom. And while these popular hotel down pillows are delicate and offer a great comfort level, they require proper care to maintain their luxurious feel and refreshing fragrance. Thankfully, down pillows can then be easily washed at your home. It will help ensure their longevity and fluffiness.

Here are some tips on properly maintaining your down pillows to ensure they look attractive and last for a more extended period.

Difference Between Down Pillows & Feather Pillows

Before knowing the proper care of the down pillows, you must be acquainted with the materials used in their fillings. However, there are some slight differences between these two types of pillows. For example, Manufacturers use the same kind of feathers in both pillows, but the feel and shape of both pillow types can be different.

What is a Down Pillow?

A down pillow is made using the goose feathers that are usually picked from the undercoating of the bird. These pillows are known for their insulating properties and softness due to high-quality fibers.

What is a Feather Pillow?

The filling of the feather pillows is usually picked from the wing and back feathers of geese. The feathers provide softer and fleecy filling than other pillow types. These are generally used in luxurious five-star hotels. However, people now frequently prefer it for their bedrooms.

Helpful Tips to Clean Down Pillows

Down pillows significantly respond to good care and maintenance, which is why they are increasingly popular among the fans of luxury pillows who want hotel quality down pillows at their home. They are so easy and simple to wash; its natural filling provides not only luxurious comfort and feel but also ensures easy maintenance and care. The best thing about using down pillows is they can be easily washed in the washing machine, making their maintenance easier and quicker.

How to Wash Down Pillows & Feather Pillows

The most common question comes into people’s minds while buying down pillows: can we wash them? Well, you can easily wash your down pillows. Regular washing of the down pillows helps them maintain their fluffiness and comfort. Most down pillows can be easily washed in the standard washing machine, making their care and maintenance quite easy.

Here are the steps to follow while washing your down pillows:

Remove Covers:  When you plan to wash your down pillows, make sure you remove the pillowcase and covering from them.

Check Your Pillow: Check for any potential rips or tears that can cause the filling to spread during the washing. If you find any rip or tear, make sure to fix it using thread and needle.

Make Adjustment: When you wash the down pillow, try to wash the two pillows together. It will help balance the washer tub and help save your time. Plus, make sure to put the pillows in vertical positions to avoid getting disturbed by the agitator.

Wash Using Gentle Mode: Always choose a low-sudsing laundry detergent while washing the down pillows. It will help avoid any soap deposits from entering the filling and prevent further feather clusters. Usually, it’s better to use less detergent to wash the down pillows. Plus, it would be best to wash the down pillows gently to avoid damaging the feather filling.

Water Temperature: While people often use hot water to wash the synthetic pillows, it effectively kills the bugs living inside the filling. However, down pillows can be washed using lukewarm water and normal water. The benefit of using down pillows is that their proper insulation and high-quality material prevent the development of bugs in the filling.

Extra Rinse and Spin: It’s always good to use an extra rinse and spin cycle while washing the down pillows. It helps to prevent the moisture and soap residue in the feather filling.

Whenever you consult a doctor about your spine health, one of the first questions you might encounter is about your pillow type. Pillows can play a crucial role in maintaining proper spinal alignment. Therefore, it’s essential for us to regularly wash and maintain the down pillow to provide fluffiness and comfort like hotel pillows.


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