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How to Wash Blankets Without Damaging Their Fabric?


Nothing’s more satisfying than snuggling under a warm, fluffy blanket when you jump into bed. Whether it’s a fuzzy bed blanket or a baby throw blanket, coverings require proper care and a gentle wash. Blankets require cleaning at least once a month or a few months to keep them protected from the dirt, pet hair, stains, and smell. Most blankets can be washed using a washing machine, but some of them are more delicate and require washing using hands. If you are clueless about the cleaning method that will suit your blanket without damaging its fabric, you can go through the below tips on washing heavy blankets at home.

Smart Tips To Clean Blankets At Home

Washing a blanket depends on the type of fabric used in the blanket. Each material has a different way of cleaning so that the material does not get damaged.

Cotton Blankets

You can use cold water and mild detergent to wash cotton blankets in the machine at your home. You can also dry it under the sunlight or dry it in a tumble dryer using a medium heat setting.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece fabric is something that requires extra care, specifically to avoid damaging its fibers and flexibility. You can wash the blanket in the machine using warm water and bleach-free mild detergent. Dry the blanket in a dryer on low heat to avoid any mishap.

Woolen Blankets

Woolen blankets are one of the most long-lasting among all others. They are light, soft, and fluffy. You can easily wash the dirtiest woolen blankets with the help of a brush. They require cleaning only a few times a year. You need a mild detergent and a soft-bristle brush to wash woolen blankets at home, and all sorted!

Mink Blankets

Mink blankets are prepared from acrylic, fine long fibers and can be washed in the machine. However, high-quality mink blankets require a commercial washing machine to be washed. Always use a mild detergent to wash your mink blanket as strong detergents can damage its fabric. Use a tumble dryer to dry the blanket so that it can lose its moisture.


If you want your fuzzy bed blanket or comforter to remain soft and cozy for a very long time, then always apply mild detergent and hang drying while washing. Gentle wash and some little precautions can save your blanket from spoiling and increases its longevity. So pick up the blankets from your bedroom, living room, and everywhere else, and stay cozy!


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