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How To Use Signature Car Wax?


Not everyone fully understands why to wax cars and what effect can be obtained from such a procedure. Such processing is not considered mandatory, and it is performed solely at the request and personal initiative of the motorist.

As with all elements, the paintwork has a limited service life. Gradually, the paint becomes dull, and cracks appear to form on the surface. In many ways, this can already give many the answer to why to cover your car with a special wax.

Showroom car wax has hydrophobic properties. It forms a kind of film when the substance hardens. Additionally, the paintwork becomes brighter and shinier. The created coating has decent protective characteristics. It helps minimize the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation, automotive detergents, dirt, dust, chemical reagents, etc. To ensure maximum effect, it is recommended to apply the product in at least two layers.

How Often Should You Apply Wax To Your Car?

It is recommended to apply signature car wax to the car at least twice a year. Once in the fall, provide the vehicle with a protective layer against road salt and dirt. And once in spring – to update the layer. You should talk to the expert and take your car for waxing as per your needs.

How To Apply Body Wax Correctly?


Hot wax Specialists wash the car thoroughly and remove road dirt, gasoline deposits, rubber particles, etc. After this, they dry the car.  There should be no moisture on the body.  They dilute the wax in hot water in a particular proportion. You can apply the prepared composition with a sponge. At the end of the process, give the surface a shine by polishing. The product will dry very quickly and repel water and dirt efficiently.
Cold wax Its application is more effortless. It takes much less time.But the result is less stable. You will have to update the protection every couple of washes.
Hard wax Those who value long-term protection can try hard wax. The method of application is almost similar to the ” hot ” wax.  The only thing is that professionals apply it manually and not diluted in water.


Important Point to Note:

Always keep in mind that some types of wax are suitable for dark or light vehicles! You will not find a difference if you cover the car with the wrong “shade” of transparent polish.  Before applying invisible protection to the vehicle, it is necessary to wash the car while removing not only dirt but also an old wax layer. Generally, car wax is not harmful to your health. But as a precautionary measure, you should wear gloves before coming into contact with it. Make sure that the compound is not applied to plastic and rubber parts. The same goes for windows, especially the windshield.  The windshield wiper will not work correctly on the wax film until it is erased, making it difficult to see and leaving water droplets on the windows.

Natural Or Synthetic?

All waxes, from inexpensive to expensive, can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic. Natural waxes, as the name suggests, are made up of natural ingredients. The base is almost always wax obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba palm. Also, beeswax, almond oil, or even Aloe Vera are often used. Synthetic waxes are produced artificially. Sometimes both types are mixed; some call it “hybrid wax.”

What Else Should You Pay Attention To When Buying Wax?

  • Protective Effect

Each wax composition is good at protecting against a specific external influence. It is most important to choose a wax that will protect the paint from UV rays in summer. In winter, the body needs protection from reagents, moisture, and dirt. The coating must be wear-resistant.

  • Gloss Factor

Not every wax provides a shiny surface. In this case, however, the instructions on the packaging are not particularly useful. Each manufacturer promises the best result. But the reality is different.

  • Product Composition

If you value an eco-friendly product, you should carefully look at the “ingredients” and buy natural wax. However, you can’t do it without additives – solvents and emulsifiers are included in almost all polishes.

  • Price

Many people believe that the most expensive showroom shine car cleaner will always be better. Consult with professionals on this. They will help you make the proper selection.

The use of signature car wax continues to increase with each passing day. You should use it regularly to protect your car from various damaging factors and maintain its shine.



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