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How to Stream Kundalini Live on YouTube and Roku


Unable to make it to the gym? That’s fine. To work out or practice yoga at home, all you may need is a TV, Roku device, or normal device to connect to a YouTube yoga channel. Before your yoga studio stops offering in-person yoga classes, you can decide to get a fix at home.

Some of the best YouTube videos can bring your favorite yoga classes to life in your room. Besides, during the pandemic, Kundalini live on YouTube is a great option for you, giving you more access to yoga. Also, yoga streaming on Roku offers free trials that enable you to try them even before signing up.

These options can also be a great decision for people who are currently under financial strains. Here are things you should know about streaming yoga live on YouTube to find the best YouTube yoga classes online.

How to Choose the Best YouTube Kundalini Yoga Channel

With the great and wide number of Kundalini yoga videos available on YouTube today, you may most likely be worried and overwhelmed to know where to begin. So, how do you start to stream Kundalini live on YouTube?

You can easily start by searching out keywords that will help you identify the most related kundalini yoga videos online. Also, you may want to get familiar with some of the terms used in yoga classes to enable you to know what each of them offers.

Research on some of the YouTube instructors online who turn up on the first page of your search can be helpful too. In addition, find classes where the instructors display the different poses of Kundalini yoga.

From there, you can easily locate a pose that works for your body type. You don’t have to always force your body into working with one kind of yoga pose.

Best Practices for Streaming Yoga Online Classes

When it comes to yoga streaming on Roku or YouTube, there are a few things you need to consider and keep in mind. Let’s take a look at them.

#1. Create a Plan

As you are trying to set up to stream Kundalini live on YouTube or Roku, you must have a plan on the bench. This will not help you get ready for your online class but will also make it much easier and effective.

Have a drawn-out and clear list of the things you want to cover and the goals you want to meet up to in your class. It will help you stay coordinated before and during the live-streamed yoga class.

#2. Have a Niche

Having a niche for your yoga practice isn’t such a bad idea. It will help you work effectively on what you want out of the class.

You may have been the type to combine your Kundalini yoga classes with a lot of other workout routines. This could be very distracting and may not help you meet that targeted goal on time.

Ensure that what you want stands out before your colleagues, and most importantly, your teacher.

#3. Practice More

You know the popular saying, practice makes perfect. Like yoga, proper and intentional streaming of Kundalini live on YouTube will take some actions and practices.

You may need to learn so many basic procedures and repolish them in your mind continuously. This is a mastering process that will help you as time goes by.

The good thing about this is that Roku also offers a free trial account for you whenever you decide to try yoga streaming on Roku, even without a commitment.

#4. Solo or Audience?

A lot of people may ask, what has this got to do with streaming Kundalini live on YouTube or Roku? When streaming a yoga class, you may want to avoid pointing your video camera at your normal scheduled class. This may be termed illegal and awkward.

Your yoga studio may not have the proper settings it should have for a live stream yoga class. If it does, you may encounter other issues.

To achieve safe yoga class streaming, you should set the yoga class just for the camera without anyone else present. You may want to have a proper flow of an interactive class. Then you should opt for a special class for your live stream.


Yoga streaming on Roku has its own rules and a lot of benefits that come with it. So, to enjoy these benefits, you must understand the different practices involved.

Connecting to Kundalini live on YouTube will open you up to so many options. Choose the best out of them.



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