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How To Store Your Whiskey Collection?


Hi Whiskey lover! Got more than a handful of whiskey bottles, then you have to start thinking about the accurate and best way to store them perfectly. Yes, storing Whiskey in the right conditions helps keep it perfect for use for a longer period of time and keeping the collection organized helps you locate specific bottles, avoid messing-up your space, and protect your most valuable whiskies.

Whether you have the best Whiskey, cinnamon liquor, or French Gin, read this write-up and learn the best ways to store your whiskey collection. This will cover all your whiskey choices and prevent them from damages. Take a look!

Storage Basics:  As compared to wine, Whiskey is quite easy to store and does not need much attention and advanced equipment. Whiskey is much more durable than wine and does not mature or spoil in a sealed bottle.

Here, with Whiskey, you need to store bottles upright to protect the cork. Otherwise, the contact with the high-strength alcohol could lead the cork to spoiled or develops unpleasant flavors onto the whisky.

Moving on, here you need to prevent your bottles from direct sunlight, extreme or high temperature, and the risk of water damage. Always choose a place that gives you easy access to your whiskey collection.

Note: Extreme temperature and direct sunlight can damage whiskey flavor and its quality.”  

Create A Whiskey Display:

Having a huge collection of Whiskey but having a good display is not a good idea. Keeping your whiskey bottles just usually or not storing them in a proper space is not a good habit. If you love to have a whiskey collection, always prefer to invest in a quality shelve or glass display cabinet. You can also build a home bar in a small space and design it with some unique ideas- however, it is completely your choice.

Displaying bottles help you clean them easily. So, if you have space, arrange the whole collection by name, or label them in your style.

Store For The Long Run:

Though having a collection of valuable Whiskey is incredible but keeping them secure from any breakage, dents, or scuffs is also important. To protect your bottles, it is not necessary to keep them packed in a carton or cases- you can just look for a secure place in your home where kids or pets do not engage. You need to secure your precious bottles, so if you are using a cabinet them always keep it locked- but if you have a small bar, then ensure no activities should be done there that can damage your inventory.

Storing Open Bottles:

If you are a person who loves to open multiple bottles at the same time, and does not finish the specific one, then you need to take care. Storing sealed bottles is really easy, but open bottles always require your attention.

Here, you need to restrict the number of open bottles as when the Whiskey comes in interaction with direct oxygen or air, it oxidizes inside, which gradually dulls its taste. Therefore, consuming it within a few months will ensure that you are enjoying it at its peak.

Moreover, you need to be disciplined and keep open the few bottles only so that you can enjoy a specific flavor at a time and can secure your precious Whiskey from any damage. Prioritize your choices!

Limit Oxygen Interaction:

Always remember that once the Best French Gin comes in contact with oxygen, it starts degrading in terms of quality, flavor, and more. Therefore, it is the most important thing that you must follow is to change the cork from time to time. If the cork is loose in your bottle, then oxygen will have a space to enter the bottle, which will last in damaging your Whiskey. So, if you have a huge whiskey collection, keep changing cork from time to time.



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