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How to Select the Right Fascinator?


Women use multiple fashion accessories to flaunt their looks at special events, especially royal weddings. But the question is why women wear a beautiful fascinator and what is so special about fascinator, which extensively attracts women.

What is a fascinator?

For many women, it represents a status symbol, while for some, it is a tradition. Basically, a fascinator is a headpiece features a large decorative design with various accessories and is attached with a clip or band. It is a kind of headwear, but with some differences. A fascinator is worn on the side of one’s head, while headwear is not necessarily worn on the side of the head. It can be made of veiling, crib, feathers, and a range of embellishments. You find fascinators in a range of colors, designs, sizes, and patterns. You may get into a dilemma while looking for a fascinator.

The term fascinator was first surfaced in the 17th century. But back then, it was called a scarf for women, wrapped around the head. The fascinator had made come back in the 1960s when a New York Milliner decided to rebrand the petite cocktail hats known as half-hats. Gradually, it gets updated and gained popularity. Nowadays, it is a very popular fashion accessory being used at royal weddings.

Following are the tips for selecting the right fascinator;   

Outfit color- Select the fascinator that complements the color of the outfit that you are supposed to wear for the upcoming event. If the outfit has multiple colors, ensure the fascinator you choose to match any of the colors of your outfit to give yourself a classy look. But never go for some other colors that are completely different from the colors of your outfit featuring.

Hairstyle- It is the second most important consideration to choose the right fascinator. Your particular hairstyle will help you determine the right size of your fascinator. Also, you can choose the fascinator that suits best to the length of your hair. If you love to put your hair down to reveal voluminous hair style, then choose a large-size fascinator. If your hairs are short and you love to stick them back, then a small size fascinator would be best for you.

Face shape- Your face shape impacts how a particular fascinator will look at you. If you have a round face, choose a tall and thin fascinator. It will make your face look longer. However, if you have an elongated face shape, a disc-shaped fascinator is the best right choice. For oval face shape, you can wear any style of a fascinator.  But if you have a face with squared jaws, choose a large-brimmed fascinator.

Season to wear the fascinator- The season is one of the most crucial aspects of selecting the fascinator. Since fascinator varies in material, some materials only suit the winter, such as wool. On the other hand, straw fascinators are preferred for the summers as they are ventilated and lightweight.

Wear the large pink fascinator hat on the correct side

Buying a good-quality fascinator considering all the above aspects does not guarantee that it will look perfect on you. The way you wear the fascinator also plays a significant role in your look. There are numerous ways to wear the fascinator. Still, there is a common method that you can try to ensure the fascinator looks good on you.

Backcomb or tease your hair on one side. Now backcomb your head to set a thicker base to ensure the fascinator strongly attach to your head. You can also use hairspray to help the hair and comb stick together. Eventually, you can wear the fascinator.

Below are a few tips for wearing the beautiful fascinators;

  • Don’t select an over-size fascinator
  • Choose a design that suits your face shape and your head size.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple, so the fascinator looks great and can be worn perfectly.
  • Always consider hair length and color for choosing fascinator.
  • Pay attention to your dress and accessories before wearing your fascinator.
  • If you choose a feather fascinator, don’t wear it on the top of your head.
  • If you attend any occasion where you are looking forward to indulging photo session, choose a fascinator that does not cover your face.
  • Avoid designs that are too ornate or intricate, especially if you are attending a royal wedding.

The final words

Hopefully, you will choose the beautiful fascinators that complement your outfits, suits your face shape, perfectly fit on your head, and give you an awe-inspiring look. Hence, explore the different fascinators and select that suits best on you.


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