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How To Properly Care of Your Hair Extensions?

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Hair extension is the ultimate way to regain your overall look. But at the same time, the hair extensions come with certain responsibilities to ensure they remain in good shape for years to come. It is important to get in a good routine because it will keep your hair extensions in good shape for many years. However, if you procrastinate with your hair extension care, you may not enjoy its benefits for a longer time. Read on to learn the basic caring tips for the best virgin hair extensions.

In general, the hair extensions’ lifespan can range between 3 to 6 months, to a year or longer than it, depending on the quality of the best virgin hair extensions and general care provided to the extensions. Also remember, more wash and give heat style to your hair extension, the shorter than lifespan will be. Plus, the type of product you use also affects the lifespan of the hair extension. You need to understand it that your hair extensions do not have the ability to keep themselves moist like your natural hair. Therefore, ensure you keep your hair extension moist increase the lifespan.

Product to avoid on the hair extension

Using the right product is extremely important to ensure your extensions don’t tangle and stay soft, smooth, and manageable. Some products contain harsh chemicals that can vigorously affect hair extension. Be sure you carefully check the ingredient list to confirm the product do not contain substance like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SD Alcohol 40, Isopropyl, Propyl, and Propanol.

Also, make sure you avoid sticky products like spray, hair gel, or hair wax. These products can clog up your hair extensions. Also, the more products you use, the more you need to wash your hair. Therefore, limit the use of these products. And washing the hair extension more frequently is not good for the hair health. It can lead to tangled and dried hair.

Reduce shedding

The shedding is a natural process, whether it is your natural hair or hair extensions. The hair extensions are shed because they are also made of human hair, and they shed throughout their lifespan. However, excessive shedding is not a good sign. There are many ways to reduce shedding. For instance, don’t brush your hair extensions excessively. When you brush, use your gentle hand to avoid shedding. The right to brush your hair is before washing when they are 90% dried.

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Moreover, the hair extensions are supposed to be shed when they are dry and brittle. Therefore, apply the right products to make them moist. Heat styling at high temperatures also leads to hair breakage and shedding. This is why we suggest keeping the temperature between 120/250F. Also, limit the use of hair products to reduce shedding. The more products you use, the more you will have to wash your hair, which leads to shedding. Your hair extensions are already beautiful and healthy. Therefore, you don’t need to use more products.

How to dry your hair extensions?

We never suggest using the blow-dryer after every wash, as doing it constantly will make your hair dry and brittle, leading to breakage and shedding. If you want to use the blow-dryer:

  • Use heat protectant sprays prior to blow-drying.
  • Set the blow-dryer on a cool setting to prevent heat damage, and don’t brush until it is 90% dry.
  • Remember, the hairs are at the weakest stage when they are wet.

Meanwhile, if you blow-dry at excessive heat, they are highly vulnerable to breakage. Instead, prefer air dry whenever possible. Be sure you buy the micro-fiber towel to remove excess water from your hair. Once the hairs get dried gradually, apply a small amount of hair oil to keep them silky smooth, and moist.


Try to use the brush specially designed for your hair extensions. Plus, use high-quality hair care products and within a limit. Excessive use will decrease the lifespan of your hair extension. Use the shampoo gently. Also, make sure you don’t use shampoo too often. At last, don’t go to bed with wet hair. It will cause dreaded hair.

However, if you are looking forward to buying Royalty raw Cambodian frontal moore, these are also available online. Seek for a reputed company that is a long history of offering high-quality hair extensions.


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