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How to Prevent Car Oxidation

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Generally, oxidation can be a huge problem for car owners. This is because parts of the car will constantly be exposed to oxygen causing it to fall apart. It doesn’t always start this way anyways.

First, your car gets exposed to the harsh UV rays from the sun frequently and over time its colors begin to fade causing it to look less vibrant and older than it was. Often, the painting of the car becomes dull with a chalky feeling that dissolves your car painting permanently. This experience often leaves your car looking rusty which means that you will have to repaint.

Now because the car is always exposed to the sun, the bigger question by car owners has been “how do I prevent my car from being oxidized?”.

In this blog, we will be providing tips to help you know when your car is being oxidized and how to prevent it from oxidation.

Tips for Preventing Car Oxidation

Generally, the best way to stop your cat from being oxidized is to ensure you take regular care of your car within and outside. Some of the tips involved in this process include:p

1. Seek Proper Shade

Generally, sun and oxygen are the biggest cause of oxidation and while you can not manage the amount of oxygen you expose your car to, you can manage the amount of sun that directly affects your car. As much as you can, always park your car in a shaded area with a temperature that is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because parking directly under the sun exposes your car to UV rays which could promote the influence of oxygen thereby damaging the paint and car gloss, therefore, making your car appear dull and old.

Therefore, to seek proper shade, you need to get a car over and frequently park in the garage. While a garage may not be accessible to all car owners, car covers can easily be accessible and affordable.

2. Wash Your Car

To prevent oxidation, endure that you wash your car thoroughly to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using household cleaning detergents like dish washing soap that can peel the paint while washing your car. Always go for products that are specifically designed to eliminate oxidation from the surface of your car.

Consistently apply a cleaning agent to the car and rub the area until it is clean. After washing, ensure you thoroughly dry the surface.

3. Wax Your Car

You need to wax your car after washing and polishing as the best defense to help prevent oxidation. This can be done using the best royal satin car wax to provide extra protection for your car. You need to understand that this story is necessary and should be applied once in every season especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of sunshine. Car owners are advised to either use a paste or liquid wax for better and long-lasting coverage.

Steps in Removing Oxidation

When your car is already affected by oxidation, you may easily notice that the paint is gone leaving you with white patches. While you may not have been able to prevent this from happening, you have a chance to get rid of it and leave your car feeling new. Let’s outline some of these steps below:

    • Clean your car and the affected area thoroughly. This means you need to deep clean to ensure that the entire body of your car is completely clean. However, your major focus should be on the area you are working on.
    • Remove dead paying that causes patches. This should be done using a clay kit to remove flakes and oxidation. As much as possible, try getting rid of just a little paint.
    • Polishing. This is the final step in getting rid of oxidation. This helps revive your car’s color and bring back its shine. It also involves energy and stability so you might need to get an electric polisher for a smoother finishing.


Oxidation is a process every car owner needs to get involved with early to avoid spending so much more on repainting the entire car. Once it is done properly, it prevents rust and helps your car last longer leaving you with a happy and satisfied result.


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