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How To Pick The Right Cigar Lighter For You


As a cigar smoker, one of the essential pieces of equipment is a cigar torch lighter. It truly has the power to make or destroy your cigar.

Choosing high-quality rechargeable cigar torch lighters is crucial for a variety of reasons. To begin with, being able to correctly light your cigar guarantees that it burns evenly and without creating burn difficulties. By using the proper sort of lighter fuel, you may also avoid any undesired flavors being added to the flavor and fragrance of your cigar.

Furthermore, a cigar lighter can be a fantastic, visually pleasing item, so picking one to fit your taste may also be essential in selecting your cigar lighter.

Here we look at things you should think about and look for when purchasing the best cigar lighter for you.

Types of Lighter

While disposable lighters are useful as a small, on-the-go tool when traveling or needing something smaller, they are not always the best torch lighter choice for your cigars. Cigar smoking is a pleasurable experience, and some fluid lighters may interfere with the flavors of the cigar.

Jet Lighter

With its rapid, simple, and powerful flame, the jet or torch lighter is a terrific method to light your cigar, guaranteeing an equal burn throughout efficiently. These lighters are also generally windproof, making it much easier to light up outside.

Butane Lighter

When using a butane lighter, you will need to make sure that the liquid fuel used is filtered, refined and odorless, so that the fuel itself will not impact the cigar’s flavor.


The size of your torch lighter is an essential consideration that many people ignore. This should correspond to the sort of cigar you prefer to smoke.

For example, if you frequently smoke bigger cigars with a ring gauge of roughly 60, you may want a torch lighter with many jets to light the full foot of the cigar in one go. Using a smaller lighter with a single flame may take too long to properly light a larger cigar, resulting in an uneven burn.

Where Will You Be Smoking?

Another thing to consider is where you will be smoking. Cigar lighters are available for a variety of conditions. For example, lighters that function at high elevations may be attractive to folks who wish to enjoy a cigar while trekking up a hill.

On the other hand, windproof lighters may be necessary if you typically have to smoke outside – especially during windier seasons of the year.

Similarly, you may need to choose a torch lighter that performs better in lower temperatures. The temperature affects the way fuel is used in a cigar lighter, so if you’re constantly standing out in the cold with your cigar, this may need to be considered.

See-Through Tank

Nothing is more infuriating than going to light a cigar only to discover that your lighter has run out of fuel. Choosing a lighter with a see-through tank or a glass panel will help you avoid this issue since you’ll be able to see how much fuel is remaining.


When it comes to lighting your cigar, you want it to be as simple as possible. The foot of the cigar should be gently toasted; therefore, you must be able to maintain the flame constant and turn the cigar slowly.

As a result, you want your cigar’s ignition to be as smooth as possible. If you have to hold your hand awkwardly to ignite it, it will cause complications when used for cigar lighting. A single-action ignition lighter can be handy for cigar smokers since it is simple to use and can be done with one hand. This is necessary for cigar smokers since the other hand is required to hold the cigar.

Retractable Lid

If you store your lighter in a pocket or purse, it is likely to collect lint and dust in the jets, reducing the flame it produces. By selecting a lighter with an easily removable lid, you can keep the more lightweight clean of debris and guarantee it runs to its full potential.


Some lighters, especially the more premium lighters, come with a warranty. Not only does this give you confidence in the product you are choosing, but it also offers you peace of mind that your cigar lighter investment will be covered if it were to stop working. If you’d like to invest in a slightly more expensive lighter but are hesitant about the budget, then finding a cigar lighter that comes with a warranty can be beneficial.



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