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How To Find A Fully Licensed Home Inspector In Ohio


If you are in the process of buying a home, one of the most important and unavoidable steps is a home inspection. This is a way to make sure the building is a good investment, is safe, and has no issues that would cost major problems in the future. Finding a fully licensed home inspector in Toledo can be a stressful and intimidating step. It will be a bad idea to choose the first home inspector you come across; proper research is very necessary before selecting just anybody for the job. Choosing a knowledgeable and competent Ohio licensed home inspector can save you a lot of trouble and money. Keep reading this article to learn mow about home inspections and how to get a good home inspector for your new home.

Qualities of a Reliable Home Inspector

A home inspection is a stressful process; it requires your time and money. This is why you need to get the process right the first time. A good home inspection can save you from a lot of unnecessary stress in the future and also save a lot of money.

For a home buyer, the ideal time for a home inspection is after your offer has been accepted. If you are a proactive seller, you need an appraisal on the property before you list it so you can discuss ways to fix any issues or complete repairs with your agent.

Here are a few things you need to look for before hiring a home inspector:

Licensing or Certification

This is the first thing you should ask for before hiring any home inspector. In several states like Ohio, a home inspector must be licensed with the state division as an Ohio home inspector. Licensing or certification implies that the individual has gone through the required series of accredited training, gained useful experience, and has passed an exam to prove their knowledge.

Access to high technology

We all know how important technology is when it comes to building projects. With certain tools and gadgets, a home inspector can more accurately detect any issues that may be undetectable to the naked eye and other senses.

Many home inspectors make use of infrared technology to detect overheating electrical systems, rodents, leaks, or pests in the building. Water pressure gauges, water test strips, or moisture meters are used to detect issues with water leaks, excess water pressure, or moisture in walls or structural features. There’s also technology used to find gas leaks.

Access to all this helps provide a more detailed inspection, but it often costs a lot more money.

Well-detailed Quote

Before you decide on an inspector, you need to get a well-detailed quote from a few inspectors to compare prices and have an idea of the average cost of a home inspection in the area. Certain factors like the size of your home and location play a role in the service cost. The quote must include the cost of inspection, additional services, and referrals for specialized services.

How To Find A Good Home Inspector

After understanding what makes a good inspector, the next step is to use the standards you’ve learned to search for the best one for your home.

Read Review on Home Inspectors

One of the best resources we have is the internet. Reading reviews on home inspectors online can be very helpful in your search. There are many sites where you can find home inspectors, and you get to see their clients’ experiences with each of them.

Ask Family and Friends

Asking for recommendations from friends and family can be a good way to get a good home inspector. You’ll get a firsthand account of the person’s experience and ask them questions like how much it cost and what they liked about the home inspector.

Eliminate Inspectors without insurance

This is an important factor to look for when hiring someone to inspect your home. People often get injured on the job and may hold the homeowner accountable. It is important to find an inspector with professional liability insurance.

Review sample reports

You can ask for sample reports with expert advice to see the quality of the inspector’s work and how detailed their reports are.


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