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How to Choose the Perfect Flavor to Enjoy Smoking Weed

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Finding the perfect flavor of weed can be tricky. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker, you may have yet to find a flavor that suits your tastebuds.

An increasing number of Americans are using weed today to enjoy their time and socialize. With so many strains available in the market, it can be tricky to know which one to test out.

You also need to make sure you’re storing your weed correctly so that its flavor and freshness last a while. Find a Glass Resipient in DC to store your weed in an air-tight container. Here’s how you can choose the best flavors.

Follow Your Preferences

Your taste preferences matter the most when it comes to finding the perfect flavor enjoyable to you. Initially, weed was available in only floral or selected fruity variants. With its legalization, it has now become available in a wide variety of flavors and strains.

Weed now comes in floral, earthy, sweet, spicy, sour, and bitter variants. You can usually find the flavor of a variant by their strain name or flavor profile in their description on the website or at the shop.

Earthy Flavors

Those looking for flavors like pine, grass, and pepper can try out strains like Wedding Cake, GG4, and Alien OG. Earthy flavors will make you feel like you are in a forest surrounded by rich soil and lush greenery.

Many variants are found with complementary notes of citrus, lemon, and vanilla that enrich the earthy flavor of the weed.

Sweet and Fruity Variants

If you love anything with fruity, tropical flavors or the same flavors as your favorite dessert, you’re sure to love variants like Ice Cream Cake and Gushers. Gelato, Runtz, Apple Fritter, and Cereal Milk are other sweet variants that you can try out.

You can also opt for chewable weed-infused candy like the Nerds Big Chewy Sour Candy, or Skittles, which is guaranteed to be sweet and sour simultaneously.

Unique Flavors

Specific flavor profiles may sound uncommon but end up tasting great. Animal Mints tastes a bit minty and earthy. 3 in the Pink has a spicy and herbal taste that caters well to people who’re looking for a natural tasting weed.

Nerds big chewy sour

Variants like Charlotte’s Web and Lavender have light floral notes combined with a spicy aftertaste. For retaining the taste of different weed variants, it is recommended that you invest in a Glass Resipient in DC for storage.

Aroma of Weed

The aroma of weed can differ depending on the flavor profile of the variant you’re testing out. Depending on the different elements within the strain, you can smell earthy, woody, sweet, or herbal notes from your weed.

Weed variants that contain notes of apple, lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, and pine can be quite strong and potent. This smell can be different when the weed is dry as compared to when it is smoked.

Many weed variants smell differently from their flavor, like GMO Cookies. It has a diesel scent but tastes slightly garlicky.

If you are trying on different weed variants consecutively, you should be careful not to overwhelm your sense of smell and confuse different weed variants with each other.

The After Effects

Each weed variant comes with different THC content and potency. While it has been speculated that Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid variants all have different effects on a person, it hasn’t been confirmed.

But different strains of weed have different levels of potency depending on your use and physical composition. Strains like Wedding Cake can be particularly potent with 22% THC content, while strains like Gorilla Glue can be more calming with only 19% THC content.

Check the THC content in the different variants you are interested in buying, as several variants are not recommended for beginners.

Choose Your Ideal Flavor Based on Your Tastes

Many variants of weed can also taste different depending on how it is smoked. If you’re using rolling paper, the flavor of the paper can affect the taste of the weed. The taste is cleaner and unhindered by other components when smoked through glass mediums like pipes and bongs.

Some stores operate online and have physical stores in Washington DC to cater to your weed needs. They have different variants of weed and edibles like Nerds Big Sour Chewy Candy.

You can find rolling papers, glass pipes, and bongs available, so you don’t have to visit multiple stores.


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