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How to choose headlights for cars?


Driving in the dark is like fighting with death as, without car lights, there are full chances that a person might see his life in danger. People love to drive in different ways. Some people like it normally while others do it rashly as they think they look stylish. Think if you are blindfolded and asked to drive in such a way. Maybe it will be a real and first experience for you. That is why cars have been designed with different lights like tail lights, headlights, bumper lights, fog lights, and corner lights. Different types of lights come up with different specifications, features, appearance, and quality.

When a driver needs to drive at night constantly, he definitely needs to pay attention to the headlights. It is cool at night, there are fewer cars and a faster car speed can be maintained. The disadvantage is midges that clog the cooling radiator. But everything is leveled by the increased level of comfort during night driving – the air conditioner does not have to be turned on at all in the summer! The whole trip will be quite comfortable and safe only in one case – if only high-quality headlights were previously installed in the car. But the headlights in a modern car can be found in different ways – from classic incandescent bulbs to LED versions

  • When making your choice between the most common halogen, xenon, and incandescent headlights, first of all, you should be guided by the amount of time spent driving and the amount that the car owner is willing to pay for providing the car with good light.
  • The lifespan of your car’s headlamps is a critical consideration. This is because if they are long-lasting, there is no need to replace them regularly. You must also consider whether the bulbs are easy to install or if they require the help of a professional. Opting for a customer-friendly option can save you a lot of hassle.
  • Traditional incandescent lamps are gradually giving way to other light sources due to their low light output. A large amount of consumed electricity is wasted in heating the environment. In addition, the tungsten coil is not strong enough, which makes the lamp sensitive to shock and vibration. The constant evaporation of tungsten from the incandescent coil, settling on the cold glass, makes the flask darker and darker.
  • Halogen headlights are essentially an improved version of simple bulbs. The evaporation of tungsten in these headlights is minimized. This made it possible to increase the light output and ensure an increase in the temperature of the filament.
  • The light from xenon headlights lamps has a bluish tint, close to daylight. The fashion for “xenon” gave life to halogen headlights with a bulb that gives the light beam a blue color. They are several times cheaper than real “xenon”. However, do not delude yourself: these “pseudo-xenon” lamps are not related to the lighting technology of expensive cars. Apart from the unusual color of the light beam, the painted lamps do not give the car owner any of the advantages derived from the use of modern xenon headlights.
  • Xenon headlights consume one-third less energy than halogen headlights. At the same time, they provide twice as much light. These headlights are very durable: the fact is that there is no coil in the lamp that can burn out. The xenon light beam is not scattered by raindrops, improving visibility in bad weather and reducing the risk of accidents. The eyes do not get tired of such lamps’ light because it is close to natural daylight in its spectrum.

Getting closer to the headlights of your choice

Replacing your car headlight is something you should consider after a few years of use. This is necessary to maintain the best performance of your car. Besides, choosing the best headlamps possible is a huge responsibility that could affect your safety and others. So make sure to consider all the factors above before you decide to buy the right headlights.

Choose the headlights according to your needs.


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