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How to Choose a Custom Picture Frame that Complements your Art


Whenever we think of decorating our wall with a family photograph or an old piece of art, the pressure of choosing the best picture frame that perfectly displays its appeal can be a bit challenging. How do you know which frame will perfectly match your living space between varying sizes, costs, design, styles, and materials? If you are looking for a picture frame shop in Georgia that takes almost every order for custom framing that’s assigned to them, from stamps and collectibles to doilies to sports jerseys, quilts, and flags. Then we are here to help you. There are lots of custom frame shops that involve a team of experienced designers that work closely with the clients during the design phase to meet their requirements. Make sure to check these points before considering your walls decorated with your memorable photographs.

Make Sure Your Art Get the Ultimate Treatment

Before you start looking for a suitable custom picture frame for your artwork or photo, the main points to consider are what you are going to frame and the purpose of the custom framing, and how essential it is to preserve the artwork.

  • Do you want the art to be framed for good?
  • What is the thickness of the photo?
  • Is it the original art or a copy, or do you want the picture to be printed or framed?
  • Does that art or photo hold a special place in your heart?
  • Is it unique or vintage? And are you scared of someone else to handle it?
  • Where will you hang it? What should be its style and material?

Types of Art You Can Custom Frame

  • Art prints
  • Posters
  • Jerseys
  • Mirrors
  • Family Portraits
  • Oil & Canvas Paintings
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Posters
  • Children’s Art
  • Maps
  • Quilts and Flags
  • Needlework
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Antique & Limited Edition Prints
  • Stamps and Collectibles
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Wedding Photos

Size of the Art Work

The size of artwork or photo can impact the available framing options, so considering the artwork’s size is very important before choosing a custom framer. For instance, many framers only provide limited sizes, so if your art doesn’t match their criteria, you have to look for other alternatives. So measuring the size of the artwork is a crucial step in the framing process. If the artwork’s dimensions are inaccurate, the entire frame lost its charm, so make sure to check the dimensions of the painting or a photograph. A stylish and appealing frame is nothing if it doesn’t match the measurements of the artwork.

Color Selection

Most people take it lightly, but color selection plays a critical role while choosing a custom frame for your artwork. Whether you choose a simple matte black or a vibrant color, color selection holds a special place in the custom photo framing process. The color picked for the photo frame must align with the wall’s decor and the living space. Hence, selecting the appropriate color for the frame should be one of the first points you should consider while choosing a frame. Similarly, you should also choose the mat board carefully as your artwork will rely on the mat board for the display. The mat board not only provides an extra layer of security and protection for your art but also adds charm and beauty to your frame.

Considering The Frame Style

Apart from color selection, it becomes essential to inform the custom framers about the artwork’s primary purpose. For example, modern artwork or black and white photos perfectly align with the metal frame’s simple style. Metal frames certainly intensify the artwork’s beauty with a clear finish rather than making the artwork dull. Alternatively, wooden frames offer a more classic and stylish appearance. Whether it’s oil paintings, family photographs, or vintage art, wooden frames enhance these pieces’ beauty with elegance and rich details. Whether you are more inclined toward a bohemian style or a minimalist look, you must make sure to find the best custom frame for your art piece that perfectly matches your living space as well as your work of art.

Final Thoughts

So we have covered a few of the essential aspects of a custom picture frame to consider to ensure that the chosen custom frame truly complements and intensifies your artwork or photo. Selecting the ideal picture frame for your artwork doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s all about finding elements that perfectly combine the frame with the artwork. Whether you are looking for a custom picture frame shop in Georgia or an art installation in Buckhead, Atlanta, contact the experts today! Let’s get all your memories framed! Get involved in designing your own custom frame to personalize and enhance your home decor.









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