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How to Buy Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

CBD Water

There is an endless pool of CBD products available on the market. Some of the most popular CBD products are CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, gummies, and soft gels. In the past, the most effective way of using CBD was in the form of oil-based tinctures and gummies. These products are produced with hydrophobic macromolecules that do not mix well with liquid and are taken in large quantities to see results.

However, with the help of nanotechnology, manufacturers have been able to create a more soluble class of CBD products called water-soluble CBD. These CBD varieties are available in multiple varieties like CBD 25 mg gel caps and are processed by the body more easily and quickly. When traditional insoluble CBD products are ingested, they must first get transformed or broken down in the liver or kidney before getting distributed through the bloodstream.

With water-soluble CBD products, the transformation process is not required, and the compound gets absorbed into the blood much faster. The CBD molecules directly flow into the body and begin to take effect almost immediately. These products are produced using nanotechnology, which makes use of sound waves to break down CBD clusters into smaller, more absorbable particles. When looking to buy full spectrum water soluble CBD, it is important to do proper research about every product you come across before incorporating it into your daily routine.

Water Soluble CBD vs. CBD Oil

CBD products are available in different forms. While each has its benefits, it is vital to know the difference between the two and that one isn’t better than the other. Under the microscope, regular CBD oils appear as globules of oil infused with CBD molecules. When these globules are ingested, the digestive system first breaks up the oil particles to extract the CBD before being absorbed into the blood.

Water Soluble Nano CBD

When water-soluble CBD products are ingested, the process of breaking down the molecule is totally avoided. Since the body is made of 60% water, the molecules are easily dissolved in the digestive tracts, easily absorbed into the blood, and distributed to the brain and other areas to take effect. Water-soluble CBD products undergo a nanotechnology process to break apart the tiny globs, making them more soluble.

An easy way to compare the two products is by dropping them into water. You’ll expect the regular CBD to float while the water-soluble CBD tincture oil disperses in the water.


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