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How To Ace Hiring Virtual Magicians?


With most of the workforce working from home, it is pretty difficult for the corporate to organize corporate meets. They need to keep their employees entertained throughout the virtual event and deliver critical information. The managers conduct many games and fun events, like an escape room, stand-up, and much more.  Virtual Magic shows and stand-up comedy shows are two of the most notable events at any corporate meet.

Managers need to be vigilant while choosing the magicians because one wrong step can ruin the entire event. There are many portals through which the event organizers can hire magicians. People often rely on trusted sources rather than hiring any random magician. Some of the methods through which you reach out to people for organizing the Best online Magic show are mentioned below-

  1. Booking Portals

There are many booking portals that you can connect with or search through the extensive list of magicians within the portal. One can get the relevant information about the magicians on the portal. Organizers can check the reviews, ratings, charges, and experience. Many magicians also link some of their videos and website to their profiles.

Many websites also offer virtual magic room packages along with the host magician. The package helps in getting rid of the hassle of setting up the virtual room and inviting everyone. The magicians also know the number of people attending the event as the number of joinees is mentioned in the package. The information helps the magician in making their show a success.

  1. Talent Agencies

Talent agencies have a pool of professional and experienced magicians for all the different budgets. Many companies are associated with talent agencies responsible for meeting various requirements like comedians, celebrities, and magicians. If the talent requirement is outsourced to the talent agencies, the organizers can focus on other details like invitations, schedules, and refreshments.

  1. Event Management Companies

Big corporates often outsource their events to event management companies. They are responsible for planning, scheduling, and arranging professionals for different performances. So, event management companies are also an excellent option to find quality magicians.

Even if the organizers go through the different channels of finding the right magician, they need to ensure specific key points before finalizing the contract with any magician. Some of the key points are mentioned below-

  • Thoroughly analyze the profile.

The first step in hiring a magician to conduct the best online virtual magic show is to read their profile. You can scroll through the information given on the portals and their website. One can also reach out to their clients who have left reviews for them inquiring about the magician. Organizers can also drop an official mail to the given email address for any query. Magicians have a robust online presence so that you can dive in through their social media handles for information. The key is to do thorough research so that you will know about their experience, profile, shows, and expertise.

  • Understand the event and your guest list

Organizers need to understand the purpose of the event. If the event is for a product launch, the organizers can ask the magician to unveil their product using magic. They also need to understand their guest list. If the guest list consists mainly of high-profile clients and employees, you need to hire magicians who can bedazzle the crowd.

Many companies also organize annual family meets for different teams, so the organizers hire child-friendly magicians. One also needs to understand if the event will be an interactive event or a formal event. Many magicians specialize in interactive magic, while others are more comfortable with the formal setting.

  • Ease of operating virtual rooms

The key to host the best online magic show is to know how the virtual platform works. Half of their work will be done if the magicians know how to work around the virtual platform. They can also use the virtual platform to their advantage. It is vital to have a subtle background in the virtual magic show so that the attention remains on the magician. Organizers can ask the magicians, have a demo session and check their social media to analyze how comfortable magicians are using the platform.


The magicians and the hosts determine the best Online Virtual Magic show. The organizers need to send all the briefs about the event before hiring the magician. They also need to sign the contract and discuss the payments before disclosing any exclusive information.


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