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How Long Can The Bed Bug Live Without Feeding Blood?


Bed bugs are very resilient pests. They can survive in varying temperatures, from hot to cold. Bed bugs have a tiny size, flat-shaped on the top, which helps them hide in small places.

They move quickly and come out at night to feed the blood. They are good at surviving without food for a long time. All this makes it difficult for you to get rid of them. This is why the commercial pest services in Phoenix, AZoperate.

Many people wonder how long they survive without feeding the meal. How long the bed bugs survive largely depends on their age. For instance, the fully grown bed bugs can survive without feeding blood for up to one year. However, the nymph bed bugs can survive up to six months without feeding blood.

Once the bed bugs start feeding, they feed for the next few minutes. Length of feeding depends on the stage of bed bug development, how much it fed last time, and how long it has been since bed bug the last fed.

After the bed bugs get full, it returns and hides once again where the other bed bugs are hidden. Bed bugs feed every 3 to days. Because bed bugs spread so quickly, you feel like you wake up with new bed bug bites every morning. It may lead to stress and lack of sleep.

Where do bed bugs hide?

No matter where you live, bed bugs will live nearby you without noticing until you inspect the place for the bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs can adapt to various temperatures. They are found in the hot summers of the Middle Eastern countries and cold winters of Canada.

Bed bugs can hide inside your luggage, clothing, suitcase, under the shoes, etc. They are found at every place that is hidden and somewhere nearby you. Bed bugs breed faster and start an infestation in a couple of months.

This makes bed bugs very difficult to control, especially when you live in urban areas. Bed bugs always live in clusters. If you find one or two bedbugs, there is a good chance that you have a big bed bug cluster at home.

Bed bugs do not feed on food crumbs or organic waste like other pests in homes. Even they don’t feed the blood of other mammals. They only feed human blood. It means if you are surviving in your home, you and your family members are their primary source of food.

Bed bugs usually come out at night, but they can come out whenever they feel hungry. Some people lock their homes and go out for some days, hoping that bed bugs will die without getting a regular meal. But, they can survive up to 400 days without feeding blood.

How often the bed bugs feed?

Unfortunately, if you have bed bugs, you may get bed bug bites daily. Average bed bugs feed once every 10 to 12 days, while the nymphs feed once a week to grow to the next stage. So, if you have got bed bug bites daily, the different bed bugs have bitten you. 

Nymph bed bugs can take up to 5 minutes to feed, and adult bed bugs can take up to 10 minutes. A nymph can suck required blood in a single bite, whereas the adult will feed blood with multiple bites.

This is a reason why you see a trail of tiny bumps on the skin when you wake up in the morning. The female bed bug feeds more blood than the bed bugs as they have to lay eggs daily.

As you know that bed bugs are flat-shaped, but when they end up feeding the blood, they become rounded on the top and appear reddish-brown.

Keep your residential or commercial space clean.

Cleanliness does not mean you will get bed bugs, but if you have a clean or uncluttered home or commercial building, you don’t give bed bugs more hidden places to hide. In short, the cluttered home will be heaven for the bed bug’s survival.

Therefore, it is always suggested to keep your place uncluttered. If you have plenty of furniture, carpets, wardrobes where the bed bugs can lay their eggs, you will develop a big bed bug problem. Therefore, conduct a thorough cleaning of all stuff regularly, making sure no bed bugs are hidden.

Eventually, if your home or office building is infested with bed bugs, speak to a bed bug exterminator for instant bed bug control services.


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