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How Do AI TEK Sensors Work

AI TEK Speed Sensor

Whether you’re in the manufacturing business or the research & development field, you might have required a sensor for some process or the other at some time. When you’re looking to make your processes easier and simplified, getting the ideal sensor can help considerably.

A sensor comes in all sizes and shapes, and depending on what you’re looking for, it can be a standalone device or be integrated into existing machinery. Whether you’re looking for a sensor that your smartphone can operate or a larger variant, here is why getting an AI TEK sensor can be ideal for you.

What Does a Sensor Do?

Many people aren’t aware how using a sensor can enhance their processes and make their data more accurate. In a general sense, a sensor is a device, machine, or subsystem which can detect changes, whether that is in the environment or elsewhere.

Once a sensor has detected these changes or fluctuations, it sends the data further along to another electronic device where you can either collect it or view it. A sensor is usually, if not always, connected with another device so you can read and analyze the data.

Different Uses of Sensors

Initially, a sensor’s only functions were to detect the temperature and pressure. However, with large leaps in technological innovation, a sensor today can detect a multitude of aspects, which high accuracy and precision.

There are various types of sensors today, with different uses for all of them. The most common sensors are:

  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Vision and imaging sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Electric sensors
  • Contact sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Force sensors

Depending on what industry you’re working in, you might require a specific sensor to measure one aspect. While you can find sensors capable of detecting multiple aspects, it’s ideal to get one sensor for one aspect for higher accuracy.

Sensors are widely used in the railways, aerospace, military, marine, and industrial processes to make them more efficient, safer, and productive. When looking for an industrial sensor, you might also want to consider what kind of environment it can withstand.

How AI TEK Sensors Differ

When purchasing a sensor, you might want to know why specific brands like AI TEK are better than others. Whether it’s an AI TEK Speed Sensor or any other equipment manufactured by them, it’s simply a class apart.

Due to their continuous research and development, coming up with new techniques, and perfecting their existing machinery, AI TEK has managed to become an industry leader in Speed Sensor and Tachometer technology.

As a business, AI TEK has been releasing sensors in the industry for more than 60 years, making it an experienced veteran of anything related to sensors. When you’re looking for high-quality but are on a budget, there is nothing better than investing in getting an AI TEK sensor.

These sensors meet a range of certifications which include:

  • FM approvals and ULs for hazardous locations
  • CSA
  • EC-Type
  • SIL3
  • CE

If you’re looking for a sensor that can be exposed to various environments but not compromise on functionality and accuracy, getting an AI TEK sensor is the best choice available.

Types of AI TEK Sensors

AI TEK sensors are mainly used for speed detection purposes. They have an extensive range of sensors that make it possible to detect speed in any environment. They are highly precise and reliable, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about it breaking down.

They have divided their sensor types into Passive (VR) and Active (Hall Effect). They also offer various accessories that are compatible with their speed sensors and can make using them more ideal for your requirements.

AI TEK sensors are specially designed for special applications which enable a highly versatile and functional product line. Products like the AITEK Sensor 70085-3030-113 are ideal for targeted use.

Finding the Ideal Sensor For Your Requirements

When you’re on the hunt for a speed sensor, you might be confused as to which one you really need. You need to consider the precision and accuracy you require from the sensor and start the process. The type of environment you’re planning to expose the sensor to also matters when considering which one to buy.

Sensors can be quite pricey, so you want to ensure that you’re getting the best one you can without compromising on any aspect. When you’re ready to buy, choose only AI TEK for your needs, as no competitor comes even close to offering the advanced technology and efficiency they provide for your needs.


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