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How Can an Aviation Attorney Help with Aircraft Acquisition in Maryland ?

Best aviation lawyer in Maryland

Aviation law is a body of law that deals with flights, air travel, and the legal and corporate issues that come along with it. Since aviation is so heavily regulated, you need knowledgeable and skilled aviation attorneys on your side to assure your success.

The best aviation lawyer in Maryland will be a specialized attorney that focuses on industry-related legal matters. These lawyers have first-hand expertise in this field of law, making them better suited to cope with complicated aviation legislation and practices than non-specialized lawyers. Many aviation attorneys are also pilots.

This makes aviation attorneys a knowledgeable asset in the following areas:

  • Operation of aircraft
  • Airport safety is paramount
  • Regulations for aviation
  • A set of rules and regulations governing flight safety rules and regulations
  • Legal matters involving the Federal Aviation Administration and other federal authorities

How Can An Aviation Attorney Help With Aircraft Acquisition ?

Aviation lawyers are commercial lawyers that manage and close aircraft sales, purchases, financing, leases, and lease returns.

The types of transactions described below are the ones that aviation lawyers are most frequently asked to handle.

  • Buying / Selling

During contract talks, a prudent aircraft buyer or seller in Boca Raton, Florida, should enlist the help of the best aviation attorney in Boca Raton, Florida. These lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible purchase contract.

Attorneys can assist you in negotiating a purchase/sale agreement and loan documentation when purchasing an airplane while also deciding on a location to save money on delivery.

They will assist you in deciding where to register the aircraft and determining the form and location of the business that will own and operate the aircraft.

Dealing with insurance underwriters in Annapolis for optimum protection is a difficult undertaking that should be left to the best aviation attorneys in Annapolis, MD.

An aviation attorney can assist you in obtaining required international documentation for foreign transactions and handling any aircraft warranty claims.

Purchase/Sale on a Fractional Basis

The majority of fractional share schemes entail purchasing a predetermined percentage of an aircraft’s equity for a set amount of time. Furthermore, some systems allow the aircraft owner and the “fractional share” consumer to lease or sublease the aircraft. Aviation lawyers can help you select and negotiate the program that best meets your needs.

Exchange of Like-Kind (IRC – 1031)

Contact us to discuss your alternatives if you need to exchange or reverse-swap your aircraft to transfer your existing tax base or avoid capital gains tax.


Returning provisions are often the most costly clauses in leasing. Best aviation lawyer in Maryland can make sure that your returning clauses and other aspects of the aircraft lease are written in a way that protects your privileges and reduces your sales and/or uses tax liability.


An airplane user doesn’t usually purchase an ownership interest in the aircraft while purchasing “block time.” Instead, the airplane owner commits to a fixed amount of hourly utilization over a set length of time.

When properly arranged, the sale and purchase of block time use of an aircraft can benefit both the aircraft owner and the aircraft user.

However, an inappropriately organized transaction can lead to the aircraft’s inadvertent “commercial operation,” putting insurance coverage at threat and potentially exposing the flight staff, owner, and/or user to FAA enforcement action. This can include pilot certificate suspension or revocation, or civil penalties.

Restriction and Repose Statutes Are Two Types of Statutes

All statutes of limitations that may apply to a case must be familiar to an aviation lawyer. To identify which statute would apply to a specific aviation litigation matter, an aviation lawyer must also be familiar with the choice of law rules.

The amount of time that someone has to file a lawsuit is limited by statutes of limitations. In an aviation lawsuit, the statute of limitations is usually the relevant state or federal personal injury or wrongful death statute of limitations. The statute of limitations could be erected or suspended in specific cases.

The statute of limitations is not to be confused with the statute of repose. The statute of repose restricts an airplane or product manufacturer’s possible product liability to a particular period following the product’s manufacturing and sale.

The issues that the best aviation lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida, deals with might be extremely complex. At the same time, when it comes to aircraft accidents, an aviation lawyer may be called upon to help in times of high stress and even tragedy.

Suppose you have troubles with aviation law in Annapolis, MD. In that case, it’s critical to engage with the best aviation attorneys in Annapolis, MD, who understands the complexity of the law and the issues you’re dealing with.


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