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How can a videographer help you sell your house?


A total of five billion videos is watched every day. These stats show how powerful and impressionable videos are, and people love watching them. So how can you use this digital media to your benefit?

Videos have become an integral part of real estate listing. Realtors and sellers are hiring videographers to capture their property to attract more buyers. Let’s see how you work with commercial production companies to get your house to sell faster and find the right buyer for it.

  • It gives the buyers a clear idea about the property

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now, imagine how many words a video is worth. A high-quality video, which perfectly captures the beauty and every little detail about the property, will give the buyer a clear idea about what the property looks like. It helps them conclude if they are interested in buying the property faster.

  • It helps you stand out from the crowd

Every online directory is filled with seller listings advertising their property with dimly-lit and low-quality pictures, probably taken from a smartphone. The buyer’s cautious instincts ring when they see such listings, pulling them away. In contrast, a perfectly captured video by reliable videographers and commercial production companies will attract buyers to check out the whole listing and contact you for further proceedings. Hence, you get more number of potential buyers and good conversion rates.

  • It shows you mean business

Investing in real estate is probably the most essential thing a person can do. But it is not so easy. Real estate is an expensive asset, and it can cost a person’s whole life savings. So you understand why buyers are extremely alert and cautious when it comes to buying property.

When you use bad and unflattering media, it just expresses your unprofessionalism, and people don’t want to do business, especially those involving a considerable amount of money. If you hire a videographer to capture your video and use it, it will show potential buyers that you are serious about the business as you have invested your time, money, and effort to post this listing. It will give them just the confidence they need to pick up the phone and call you for a showing.

  • It helps you sell faster

Since you are attracting more people to check out your listing, you will find your ideal buyer much faster than using traditional methods and media. Thus, commercial production companies also help you sell more quickly.

  • It empowers you to control the price

It is simple economics. The more bidders you have for an object, the higher the object’s price will go. Since videos attract more buyers and hence more offers, you have the power to raise the price and find a buyer willing to pay that price.

  • It enables you to cater to the global audience

The most important part of the house selling process is the showing, where the buyer can see the property in real life and experience it. Though important, it limits your audience because no one is going to travel to California from New York City just to see a house and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Videos can help you cater not just to a broader audience within the country but also globally. Since a good video will give a clear idea about the property to a buyer, they can decide without physically visiting the location. Some commercial production companies also offer 3D tour services, which just makes catering to the global audience effective.

  • It is also great for marketing

YouTube has already emerged as the leading social media platform with billions of users and views every day. You can upload your professionally made videos to YouTube and other social media platforms for marketing purposes. Social Media Marketing is a great way to drive people and potential customers to your business in a cost-effective manner and efficiently. High-Quality videos are more likely to catch people’s eyes and redirect them to your profile and business website. Ask your videographer if they can edit the videos in different resolutions for different platforms.

So, we see why using professional videographers, and commercial production companies for your real estate sale can benefit you a great deal.


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