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House Slab Design in Antioch, California


Starting a building project is such a big deal for anyone. It can be the most significant project they have ever done, while for others, it’s yet another project they need to start and get over with. From the planning to construction and even down to moving in, attention to detail is required if you want to get the house of your dreams.

However, if you’re still at the initial phase of your building project, which is “planning,” you need to start with the basics of house slabs. Slabs are large concrete structures used to make flat surfaces such as ceilings, floors, or roof decks.

When it comes to designing and shaping your house, house slab design does play a significant role. Let’s take a look at the different slab designs available and what role it plays in building the house of your dreams.

What Is A House Slab Design

Slabs, as we already mentioned earlier, are giant concrete used to make flat surfaces. These slabs are usually strengthened with steel rods and supported by ground, beams, or walls. A house slab design is simply a design made with a slab.

How To Decide On A House Slab Design

Deciding on a house slab isn’t the first decision you make when you’re about to build your home. Instead, you’ll have first to decide how many stories you want? What kind of home it will be – whether a modern concrete, an acreage, or a glass architecture.

After that, an engineer will have to examine your location and the soil texture to determine what slab will be perfect for your building. The soil type, slope, and presence of trees (if any) will determine what slabs are suitable for your building project.

This is because some slabs are quite more robust and more appropriate to reactive soils than other types of slabs.

Types Of House Slabs

Now that you know not all types of slabs can be used to build your home let’s look at these slabs and what type of soil they fit in.

1. Raft Slab

They are also known as the mat slab and are quite a popular option for foundations. This slab can take on a heavy load and is used while constructing commercial buildings and family homes.

It’s best for soils with low bearing capacity and a good option too for typical soils. It’s easy to install to the ground and doesn’t require much digging.

2. Waffle Slab

This is the most popular house slab and is majorly used in primarily produced homes with minimal cost. These slabs are used when the soil is classified as Class A or S but not recommended for clay soils with class H or more due to the limited drainage possibility of that soil.

Usually, when the waffle slab is completely installed on the ground, it sits 400mm above ground level. And most times, when the house is built, builders will have to raise the surrounding ground to hide the slab either partially or entirely.

3. Infill Slab

This kind of slab is usually poured in between walls. Not all kinds of slabs require formwork, though. Infill slabs are often used between masonry walls built on footings—for instance, a garage.

While using these slabs, ensure that it’s not in direct contact with the walls because concrete and masonry shrinks and expands at different rates.

4. Bondek Slab

This kind of slab is often used to reduce slab thickness. It’s a metal sheet laid as a formwork with concrete poured over its sheet. The bondek sheets are permanent formwork and remain in the slab for their entire lifetime.

They are deemed to be strong and can carry heavy loads of concrete. They are also easy to install.

Where To Get Quality House Slab Design In California

If you live in California and are looking to design your home but aren’t sure where to begin, contact Cpl concrete today. Frankly, deciding what house slab to use for your building project isn’t easy. You will need a professional team with years of experience to help you make this choice.


House slab designs have a way of making your home look beautiful. If you work with experienced concrete contractors, you’ll love your space. Contact us today and let us make magic with your home.


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