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History of Celtic Crystal Jewelry


Celtic jewelry history has been very long and colorful. Irish people used their creative nature for their first carnation, which was simple in design and materials. These people had some exceptional qualities and skills that resulted in some of the most wonderful modern-day pieces like women’s Celtic jewelry bracelets and Celtic crystal jewelry.

Initially, Irish people used their skills to make wooden animals and emblems in the Stone Age. But their true creative talent took shape in the Bronze and Iron Age. Now we have all the resources to make more visually attractive and intricate pieces.

Gold, silver, and other precious crystals or stones have become the materials of choice for the wealthy that brings an array of stunning modern creations like women’s Celtic jewelry bracelet and Celtic crystal jewelry.

It was the process that gave shape to the distinctive, familiar Celtic crystal jewelry designs that we love today. Irish monks featured and documented many classic and traditional Irish jewelry meticulously in the famous Tara Brooch, Cross of Cong, and the Book of Kells that make them responsible for many of today’s favorite Celtic designs.

During the 8th century, Vikings came to Ireland and plundered the Irish treasure. They pillaged and destroyed towns and villages for gold and jewelry to trade or bring back to Scandinavia. But the Irish were less affected than the English and Scots, where Vikings left nothing for the people.

Irish people recovered from the horrible dream and quickly got back to their business, and the Irish jewelry flourished. Tara Brooch, Celtic cross jewelry, Saint Brigid’s Cross, Ogham jewelry, Claddagh rings, and many others are the world-famous pieces that we cherish even today.

Modern Celtic crystal jewelry owes its wonderful designs to the original creations. We observe that modern ornaments greatly influence the historical patterns and motifs and are nearly identical to those we have seen all those past years.

It is fascinating to see why these masterpieces of traditional Celtic jewelry are so demanding and desirable as they were in the past. One of the reasons for their popularity may be their simple but attractive look.

Suppose you are also impressed with their beautiful and attractive features. In that case, you can buy a piece like a women’s Celtic jewelry bracelet and enjoy its elegance and beauty with the best material. Celtic Jewelry can be a perfect gift for any occasion.


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