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Hiking Checklist- What to carry for Hiking?


People often forget to carry important things required while going hiking. It can happen with anyone as the excitement overshadows the preparations for adventurous hiking trips. After having words with different experienced hikers, we have made a list of essential things to carry before starting hiking in the Catskill mountain hiking trail. So, let’s check the list of items you must carry for survival in temporary adverse conditions you might face while hiking.

  • Water bottle– When you hike, your body dehydrates. At times, due to cold temperatures, you don’t realize that your body is sweating. Frequently sipping water from your water bottle will keep your body hydrated throughout the hiking. You are not likely to find water easily on the hiking trails. Therefore, always carry a water bottle, and refill it whenever you get a chance. Always buy a high-quality water bottle that does not break by falls.
  • Backpack– You will require a high-quality backpack to carry your essential items safely in an organized way. The backpack provides easy access to your essential items and makes you feel light and less sweaty. The backpack also protects your items from rain and snow. Buy the backpack that is comfortable on your shoulder and divide the load evenly, so you don’t feel any pain while carrying it.
  • Hiking boots– Your regular shoes will not work well for a trek. Always carry hiking boots that provide comfort and protection to your feet. The good quality hiking boots are comfortable, lightweight, warm, sturdy, and waterproof, providing good protection to your ankle and a strong grip on your foot.
  • Flashlight– In case you get late while coming from your day trek, the flashlight can prove to be a lifesaver. It will help you find a way in the dark so you can safely complete the trek.
  • Hat or cap– Whenever you are hiking, it is important to protect yourself from the direct exposure of skin to the sun. At times, the sunburns can be horrible, especially when you are hiking for long under the sunlight.
  • Sunscreen and lip balms– Don’t miss carrying the sunscreen and lip balms to keep your skin and lips moisturized.
  • Trek route or map– You must have a hard copy of your hiking trail or route. At times, you might find a place where your phone does not work or run out of battery. It happens when you are on long hiking trails.
  • First-aid kit– You must carry a first-aid kit with bandaids, lotion, bruises, antiseptic lotion, cream for burns, etc. You never know when your small first-aid kit will help you with minor health issues, including cuts, bruises, and burns.
  • Hiking pole– When you are hiking on snow and long treks, the hiking pole will be very helpful. It gives you comfort and support to your knees and legs on different terrains. Always choose hiking poles that are lightweight, foldable, and adjustable.
  • Powerbank– You will not find any place where you can charge your phone battery in the middle of hiking. Meanwhile, your power bank will help you charge your phone battery so you can continue capturing the moments through videos and a lot of pictures.
  • Sunglasses– Sunglasses are important to block intense sun rays and protect your eyes, especially when you hike in the snow.
  • Snacks– Even though your meal is provided to you, but it is nice to have something to eat while hiking. You can carry chocolate bars, crackers, chips, etc.
  • Sleeping clothes– Of-cause you don’t have any luxurious accommodation on the trek. Here the sleeping clothes will help you to rest and sleep comfortably.
  • Hand sanitizer– Your hands will frequently come in contact with unwanted spots by climbing or looking for some support. Hand sanitizer will kill the germs and helps prevent you from getting sick after coming back from the hike on the Catskill mountain hiking trail.


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