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Here’s the Complete Guide to Disney Transportation


Disney World is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy a family/friend’s tour or a holiday. There are several ways tovisit the location other than using the complimentary resort transportation of Disney. One of the Disney transportation services can help you reach the destination, Disney World.

Now you don’t have to stay at the resort/hotel owned by Disney to have the transportation benefits, including the ferries, monorails, boats, and buses. You can have one of the best Orlando transportation servicesto visit the theme parks, hotels, or shop at Disney Springs.Do not confuse these services with the Magical Express or the other complimentary resort transportation.The transportation services of Orlando can help you reach the Disney resort hotel from the Orlando airport.

Read on to know more about the ways by which you can reach your destined spot at Disney with Orlando transportation services.


Best Ways to Reach Your Destination

So, what are the best way to get around Disney World from the airport? Well, you can use various Orlando transportation serviceslike taxis, private cabs, rideshare services, buses, and more.Once you reach there, you can discover the place on your foot and hire a cab.

A Private Cab

Once you have landed at Orlando airport, you may hire one of the best Orlando transportation servicesto reach the theme parks or your booked resort. Once you have dropped your luggage in your room, hire a private cab from a shuttle service and explore the attractions at Orlando conveniently.

There are several attractions to visit in the metro area, and all of them are at an easy-to-drive distance. However, make sure you avoid driving at rush hours at the highways and prevent taking side streets as they aren’t a very reliable option. Picking up a private cab at Orlando airport is easy, and you can book it using the app of the respective service or by contacting them directly through a phone call.

Hiring A Taxi

Another option available is hiring a taxi. You may quickly locate one at the airport or downtown. It might be a bit difficult to find a taxi elsewhere. Several servicescan help you get a taxi to reach your destination from Orlando airport or drive through the location to view the attractions.

A Bus Service

Several shuttle services can help you reach your destined theme park from your resort. Though they are reasonably priced, the only thing that can be considered as a hindrance here is thatyou may have to change several busses to reach your location.Once you have reached the bus stop, you can go through your destination at each bus stop. This will help you understand the directions to your destination.

Disney’s Magical Express

You can use the Magical Express, a complimentary shuttle service by Disney, for the passengers.The Magical Express runs from Orlando airport to several Disney locations. The shuttle service is free; however, it’s only available to the passengers who have Disney resort bookings with them. The service is available to the guest from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.Make sure to have those MagicBands along with you while you enter the hotel. You’ll need them at the time of check-in. The Magical Express also gives a complimentary luggage delivery option; however, it takes a few hours to be delivered once you have reached the hotel. Though Magical Express is operating currently, it is soon going to end its service. So, you should know about the other Disney transportation services available for traveling.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the transportation services toreach your destination conveniently from the Orlando International Airport. The top to-do activities of Orlando and theresort hotels sprawl across 113 sq. miles of the city. Also, you need to know that the Walt Disney World Resort is located at two different locations. You can hire a cab or rent it for a private ride from Orlando airport and reach your destination conveniently. There are several other Disney transportation services like bus, rideshare services, and more to let you reach your destined spot at Disney Worldand other nearby places.


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