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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyer


As things stand now, most states have legalized the sale and possession of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, in other states, the mere possession of a small quantity of marijuana leads to massive penalties. The penalties levied are almost similar to that of controlled substances. At the same time, Federal Law clearly states marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, which in other words implies it has no medicinal value.

In a way, the legal complications arising from the sale, cultivation, or distribution tend to be worse. If you are in a similar sort of scenario and want legal protection, then it seems logical to seek a marijuana criminal defense lawyer’s services. The criminal defense lawyer has one simple objective – to defend you against marijuana charges.

How Marijuana Lawyers Protect Your Interest ?

Marijuana lawyers are criminal defense lawyers, and in a bid to defend you from serious charges, they first look at the constitutional and legal practices. For instance, they start by looking at how the police and other drug enforcement departments proceeded to acquire evidence.

In case marijuana was found to be in your possession during detention or while conducting a routine search, the substance seized crosses constitutional lines. Suppose the evidence is found during what is considered an unconstitutional search. In that case, it does not hold any basis, thus leaving the prosecutors with no valid proof to press any charges against you.

Since possessing marijuana for recreational purposes is considered legal, lawyers are now focusing on tackling the issue in the form of business law, employment law, and family law.

If the cannabis defense lawyer is experienced and knows the rules and policies, you have a good chance of coming out unscathed!

The Role of Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney

While some states have made it legal to use marijuana for medicinal use, others oppose the move, citing the lack of FDA approval and negative perceptions. A few of them also believe that medicinal marijuana, in reality, is a way for recreational use, and it is a cover to legalize the drug.

Nevertheless, there are certain prerequisites one has to fulfill to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is also important to understand the law, or else the individuals will be charged with penalties that are levied upon individuals who possess, cultivate, or distribute marijuana. Even if you comply with the state laws, you are still liable for federal charges. Even if you have a valid reason and the local administration’s approval to use medical marijuana, people from law enforcement can still go ahead and arrest you.

If you are charged with a crime, it would be a good move to hire a legal representative despite having valid reasons. The medical marijuana defense attorney will represent you and evaluate the charges in court. When you have an attorney, it means you have someone who can take care of the proceedings.

Any Specific Benefits of Hiring Marijuana Defense Lawyers and Attorney!

When you hire a marijuana defense lawyer and attorney, it is not only a legal requirement, but it also offers plenty of benefits.

  • The lawyers and attorneys have the experience and the knowledge. Because they have a profound understanding of the legal systems, you have a good chance of getting out.
  • As far as the attorneys are concerned, they know the legalities and the system in and out. They can see through the loopholes in the marijuana law and hence in a better position to serve your interest.
  • With the lawyers arguing your case and if you are set free, it then means you are not required to pay any heavy penalties

On account of the legal assistance, you will be in a position to save time and money. They will represent you, during which you can take care of other important matters.


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