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Have A Fun-filled Time By Playing Never Have I Ever Classic Edition!

Never Have I Ever classic Edition

No one likes a dull, boring event. Only delicious food, drinks, and decor are not important enough to make a get-together successful. It needs an entertaining segment to keep the party engaging. It can include cards, board games, and dance games. One of the new games that are a rage nowadays is “Never Have I Ever.” It is one of the most fun-filled games to learn hilarious facts about the people you thought you knew in and out. It’s fast, enjoyable, and ideal for your next game night.

Why you should play Never, Have I Ever classic Edition?

This game will help you discuss the most hilarious and life choices of people, which you can never disclose in a normal conversation. Add on to your next game night to learn from your friends about their “poor life decisions.” It consists of 485 Cards questioning your life choices, 65 Rule Cards to spice things up.

How to play Never have I ever game?

  •  You can play the game with at least four members and up to the whole party crowd.
  • Every player should be seventeen plus in age.
  • The Play Card: This set of cards includes examples of things that the players might have done.
  • The Rule Card: It will dictate how each round must be played.
  • Starting the Game: Shuffle the cards on the rule cards and place them on the table. Then deal ten play cards to each player and put the remaining ones aside.
  • The person starting the game will pick out the rule card, which will decide how the players will play the round. If you cannot play according to the card by chance, you can withdraw a new one until you can.
  • According to this, all the players will answer if they have done it or not. And if the answer is positive, they have to place the play card upwards you gave that to them. And if not, they have to add them to keep them aside.

The player with ten play cards wins the game! The more people join, the more fun the game will turn out.

How to start the Next Round?

After some revelations in the first round, you can continue by drawing a new play card to bring every player’s hand back upto ten cards. The person sitting next to the first player on the left can start by flipping out to the new rule card. Hence the enjoyment continues!

After knowing- How to play, Never have I ever game, you know it’s an easy and fun-filled game. Most people in an event are overwhelmed, awkward or anxious. It will help people to mingle up and make the event more memorable.


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